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How Long????

Hi All!

And congrats to all of you who are pregnant!

I was wondering if any of you were on the pill and how long it took after coming off before you got pregnant???


  • Hi ya Jenn, I was on the pill b4 we started ttc. I stopped taking it, then had a 'proper' period b4 becoming pregnant the month after, so it only took 6 wks! The first month I think my body was 'getting back to normal'. but some people concieve as soon as they stop taking it. On the other hand it can take longer. Are you 'trying' at the moment then or planning to soon? I am now 27wks pregnant with my second. Hope all goes well for you if you are trying, good luck and let us know how you get on! x Sarah x
  • Hi Jenn,

    I was on the pill since having my daughter 11 years ago, I started my period on 26th September and finished on 2nd October - didn't go back on my pill as we decided to start trying and found out I was pregnant 30 days later when I had a pregnancy test!!! So basically, I was lucky enough to conceive on my first fertile period after coming off the pill!!!!!
    I'm now approx 9 weeks pregnant. My GP told me that normally when you come off the pill your body starts firing out huge amounts of eggs - more then it would normally and I guess I was lucky enough to have conceived straight away.

    Eva x
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