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CAN ANYONE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have my nursery decorated in the baby jungle collection from mothercare i have everything expect the little blue hippo toy!! they came in yellow giraffe, green turtle, orange elephant they were ??5 each im desperate for the blue hippo ive been to all the mothercare storesd in my area the lady said its a very popular collection and the stuff flys off the shelves. if any of you see one could you please post for me so that i can get it. its driving me mad and i really want it.


  • ive tried e bay but they are selling the whole collection and they are going for about ??20 and i already have the 3 so its not worth it really
  • What bout toys-r-us???????
  • where abouts do you live?
  • if you use e-bay maybe put your two on seperately, as people may be having the same problem as you but with the ones you have got a purchase the full set that you have seen on there. Just a thought, as I have done that with a few of my goods when trying to get sets. Hope this helps xx
  • toni im off to mothercare on tuesday if they have one ill buy it 4 u and post it ill leave a post on here with my email address and then you can leave your address if they have one hope this helps , sharron
  • you could always buy the ones on ebay then sell the other three on seperately. then you get what you want and make money too image
  • i live in birmingham but today i went to stratford upon avon with my oh for the day the lady in th eshop was the niceist shop assistant i have eva come across she phoned every mothercare there is and then called me to say she couldnt get one and was very sorry it was so nice of her so if antone goes into that store then her name is kerry she is lovely.
  • i will have a look in the one in margate bacuase thats a hell of a way from stratford or birmingham i'll let you know if i find one.
  • Hi toni have you tried mothercares website? you might be able to order it from there.
  • Went into Dundee Mothercare yesterday and I did have a look for you but they didn't have it. They didn't have anything on my list so I got in a strop and went home!
  • I had a look in Kingston Mothercare in Milton Keynes and they didn't have any either.
  • hiya am having exactly the same problem, i have everything too apart from that little blue hippo lol, i think its impossible - i thought about giving up!
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