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Due today but in denial!

Hi everyone.. i can't believe my due date has actually arrived.. i've been waiting for this day for what seems like forever! I can remember looking at my countdown and it saying 200 days till your baby's birth! The thing is i still feel like its never gonna actually happen! I've been off work for 3 months now and am soooo bored of waiting i need to do something to make time pass but i've run out of things to do! aaaarg! lol x x xx image


  • Dont want to depress you anymore but my fisrt was 12 days over!! Whay not get all your baby things washed and ready to go to keep you busy. Better still meet up with all those people you havent had time or energy for - or get them round to yours to pass the time. I'm 2nd Nov and I just had bodyshop party at home with about 12 female friends relatives and altho it was tiring it made me feel human again and forgot about being pregnant for a couple of hrs.
    Hope things happen soon.
  • Wow Samantha! You managed to post that 7 times!!! I've got nothing of great sense to say but Jennie, I agree with anything to keep yourself busy!! I'm a busy mummy now and honestly you really do need to be grateful of the little time you do have left before your lo comes along. Then all your time will be pretty much taken up looking after them. Trust me though, having your little one in your arms is WELL WORTH WAITING FOR xxxx
  • wow jennie that has come round quickly!! Not that i can say to much i have got my sweep booked for thursday and being induced next tuesday if nothing happens before then because of all the problems ive had!! Ive still got 10 days left on count down but im pretty convinced he will be here by then!! take care and cant wait to hear when LO arrives xx
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