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Petite Maternity trousers

Hello, Was just wonderin if anyone knows where you can get shorter length maternity trousers. just went to new look to the sale and saw a lovely pair of jeans, but their miles to long (i'm 5ft2), my trousers are starting to get a bit tight now!



  • hi hun im the same height as you and having the same trouble so i would love to know too im going shopping tom so if i find any i will let you know, if all else fails i will get them altered

  • Hi short ladies,
    I'm exactly the same only 5ft 1in, I found in my last pregnancy that asda did petite maternity wear now they dnt do maternity wear at all (im really annoyed). Some "next" stores do petite maternity as do some dorethy perkins but us short ladies will always have trouble. Try the internet I got a few pairs of ebay that were a shorter length. Kerry xxx
  • thanks will try the net, but think prob will end up having to get them altered

  • Hi
    I am the same as you all 5 ft 0! Next online are great. Yesterday i ordered 8 petite in sale, trousers came today and they are pefect. Their are quite a few petite maternity things in Next online and some even in sale -mine were ??7
  • Hi I am 5ft2 too and i ordered some trousers from funmum.com theyhave some lovely suff on there at the moment and in the sales too!

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