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docs note for holiday


I had to share this as I'm still in stock! I go on a cruise next week and hubby was checking details and it says I need a letter from gp to say I'm fit to travel and under 28 weeks, I'm 11+4. So i went down to docs this afternoon and was told that as I have never seen a doctor at my surgery I'd have to see one and that I would be charged a min of ??25.00 for the letter!!!!!!!!!!!! Felt like was being penalised for being healthy and then this 25.00 was icing on the cake. I can't believe I get free prescriptions but I have to pay for a letter. So anyway I have decided to sod it I can still fit in my clothes so as far as cruise is concerned I not pg. Sorry for ranting on X


  • Hi I flew when i was 29/30 weeks pregnant and had to pay ??25 for the doctors note. I didnt mind too much but the doctor doesnt even see you! I did have to show the airlines the letter at check in desks both ends but i was huge so no disguising it! When you are still early days you dont always need one I also flew when i was 12 weeks and they knew no difference!

    It is always to cover your own back though due to insurance etc and always worth getting and I dont want to scare you but a friend of mine also flew when she was 12 weeks but miscarried whilst on holiday and had to visit a hospital and stay in and where she didnt get a note or comfirm with insurers they didnt pay out and had to pay a lot of expenses, which I know isnt as important as a loss of a baby but is an extra worry.

    I hope this helps but completely agree its a rip off!
  • yes i totally agree babe. God forbid anything happen but if it did you could financially be in a right mess i would pay th ??25 . This sickness bug for instance or food poisoning on acruise could be very dangerous for you. Sorry to sound so woefull but when i went to cyprus for 2 weeks when i wa 18 weeks i was paranoid about food and how it was cooked. Insurers are very quick to take your money but arnt as quick paying out., particuarlly on a cruise it is expensive just to see the doctor. please take care x
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