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active baby!!!

Hi everyone, this is my third child, im 32 weeks pregnant and she moves around SO much. Not that im not greatful for the reassurance, but she moves around much more than my other two and last night it felt like she punched me so hard 3 times in succession and today I really hurt in that area, has anyone else had a similar experience...im quite shocked!:\?


  • OMG yes i'm 37 weeks now and it really hurts when lo moves although i am just so so greatful to feel lo moving all the time i can deal with the pain!

    x x
  • Tell me about it. As i type this i am being belted. When i am on my side it feels like i am being stabbed. I have been told by others thatall babys movements are different but i feel like a right freak sometimes as it makes me gasp out in pain. I dont know whether mine doesnt help either as babys spine is on my right hand side and apparently your liver is ther so the baby hasnt got much room. Maybee its just trying to have a stretch. I am 36+4 really had enough now! But yes very reasuring all the same x
  • My lo used to do constant sumersaults n kicks hes a right active baby now! Not long now till yours will be out kicking air instead!
  • hi girls, I know what you all mean by active babies, I sometimes feel that mine is taking on the six nations rugby by himself the way he kicks me. 32+4. as much as it hurts its a great feeling
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