how accurate are 20wk scans for telling you the sex?

When I had my 20wk scan the sonographer got me to sign the hospital disclaimer as my OH and I wanted to know the sex of the baby. It took a while to see it but the sonographer 'thinks' it is a little girl...I asked her if she was sure and she said she 'thinks so'.....
We were over the moon but its playing on mind she right? My mum and mum in law have started buying pink stuff already!!
Are sonographers wrong very often do you think? xxxxxxx:\?

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  • They arent often wrong. I was very unlucky, they told me I was having a boy at my scan so I was most surprised when a beautiful little girl popped out! But they were never that sure, the sonographer said she "thought" it was a boy so I took it with a pinch of salt and brought mostly neutral things.
    But saying that I dont know anyone else who has been told the wrong sex.
  • It really depends on the skill and experience of the sonographer. I still wouldnt go out and buy blue or pink things just because of what they said. With my 5th i was told it was a boy but i wouldnt believe it until he was born and could see for myself!! lol. xx
  • where i work, i think i know of only three times (in 12 years) that a scan has been wrong! i also know of one girl who went for the 3/4d scan to confirm the sex!
    our sonographers are good, but they will say they think, or looks like..
    i found out with last one- was told a girl (wasnt sure i believed it after 2 boys), imprinted the scan still on my mind, then went back to my ward and got the scan book out! it confused me even more!!!!
    still bought pink, but will be honest- i breathed a sigh of relief that i didnt need to take it all back!!!
  • Very accurate i hope or i'll be bringin home a very pink little boy!Lol! x
  • I think they are nearly always right these days or they wont say anything if unsure. At my 20 week scan a couple of weeks ago i was told im having a boy and i asked how sure she was and she said she is 100% sure lol as i was worried about buying loads of stuff for one sex so i think i will trust 100%. If she said 'think' i would have maybe been a bit more cautious and bought neutral for the big items but its up to you and im sure she is right xxx

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  • I had my scan at 19+2 and was told "well i cant see anything between the legs so im going to say girl"

    I asked "definately?" and the sonographer replied "there is never a definately but i see nothing that would suggest otherwise"

    I ran out and bought EVERYTHING in pink

    I had an emergency scan at 25+3 due to unexplained bleeding and sonographer showed me her little girlie bits "well theres three white lines whoch would suggest a vulva, but we can never say 100% but look and see for yourself"

    I think they have to say that so you can sue em but sure as sure can be im having a little girl image

  • I think it depends on certain things, my sonographer told me she wasnt aloud to tell me 100% but it is a sisters told her it was 100% a boy, but there was no denying that just from her scan pic.
    Personally, I think when they're not too sure its clear by the way they tell you. xxx;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • should be pretty accurate, how was your lo lying hun? if it had its legs together/crossed obv less certain but you sohuld be fine xxx

  • I got a whole scan pic of my lo's willy at my 20 week scan so am positive it's a boy!

    That'll be one to embarrass him with when he's older :\)

  • I feel exactly the same as you, i had a scan when i was 21 weeks and my sonographer told me she thought i was having a girl, but she was awful to me and i ended up in tears, we made a complaint and were given another scan and she also said i was having a girl but still not convinced. i was told i was having a boy with my first and they were right x
  • I'm not taking anychances your sonographer was like i can deffo tell the sex would you like to know???????????? our reply was NO please dont tell us.
    then i had to leave for a wee and she asked my OH again are you sure you wouldn't like to know as i'm positive about it...
    ARGHHH lady back off we dont want ot know. lol
  • Well I'm hopeful after reading all yoru replies that the sonographer is
  • At my scan the sonographer said it looks like a girl dont go mad and but everything pink but you could definatly feel safe to buy some pink things. that was at 20wks and i have to have another scan at 32 wks for LLP thats next week and im gonna ask them to double check, as i have two boys and cant believe its a girl.

  • I think they are more likely to get it wrong if they think it's a boy and it turns out a girl but not the other way around... So if they say it's a girl, it's generally right. My friend was expecting twin boys and ended up with one of each image

  • Well i'm 34+4 with triplets and was told at 20weeks they could only see the sex of one my husband paid for a private scan at 24weeks and reveiled were having 2 little boys and a little girl, but sonographers are normally 97.5% right, Their equipment is so upto date that mistakes are rarely made nowadays, Unless you have awkward babies like 2 out of my 3 who decided to cross their legs, i was sooo lucky at my private scan that everyone had legs normal and not crossed....Hope you get the answers your looking for....

  • My brother and sister in law were told that they were having a girl, so had a girls name and bought everything in pink. They had a shock when a gorgeous little boy appeared! They had to return everything that they had bought and buy blue things instead.
  • A girl I know was told she was having a girl and then out popped a boy that had to go home in a pink hat! We were told we were having a girl at my 20 week scan and I did Infact have a lovely little girl. X
  • image

    I was told at my 20 weeks scan boy but was told 12 weeks 4 days girl so im having a 4d on tuesday hope shes a girl i have 2 boys already but would be happy either way 💖💙😍

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