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been to docs ...

hi all well those of u who saw my post yesterday i had stomach pains and felt awfull but i couldnt get hold of the on call midwife so i decided if the pains got no worse i would wait till today to see the doctor . ive just been and he has signed me off for the rest of my pregnancy(i was due to finish in 2 weeks)i feel a bit sad cos i really really wanted to complete my last 2 weeks in work but i do feel absolutly dreadful , i cant eat for fellin so sick and i feel totally washed out so i know its for the best but now im worried i wont have any money for xmas and also i feel silly not doin my last few shifts and guilty.......i really really wish i didnt feel this ill its horrid and its my oh is flamin useless

oops sorry last comment bit of a rant lol !!!

hope u are all ok

lisa 30&3 xxxxx


  • thanks marnie yea i got a sicknote now just got to pluck up courage to go see my horrible boss tomorrow .....i will try to relax xxxx
  • good luck for the rest of your pregnancy and dont feel bad about being signed off - we have the same rights as non pregnant women who are sick so if you have a note you should still get paid


  • ahh thanks ladies i guess ill be on here alot now since my son jack will be in nursery still , i will have to make the most of it once the bubs arrives i will never be on lol......well not if i have to go to baby forum its a bit horrid over there (joke joke )he he ..........anyway im not goin back to work after my mat leave so i can start my materninty which is a bonus hope ure all ok xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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