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When did your OH / hubby / partner feel baby kick?

Morning all!

Title says it all really! Hubby getting very impatient and I wondered when we can expect him to feel little Angus? Typically, when Angus is having a big movement moment / kicking session - as soon as hubby puts his hand on my tummy, the little monster goes quiet!!! Hubby has little patience anyway, so gets bored after waiting for a few minutes!!!

21+4 xxx


  • Hi Joo,
    I think it was around the 22-23 week mark when bub was really really active that hubby could start feeling the kicks! she usually goes quiet still if her daddy touches my belly (might be a good sign that he's going to be some sort of baby whisperer)
    But now that i am 34 weeks & when i'm giving hubby a hug in bed she kicks his back ha ha!!!
    I'm sure it won't be long for you!
    x x
  • same for us, at about 22-23 wks. i'm now 32 weeks and our lo still goes shy sometimes for daddy!

  • i started feeling definate movement at 19 weeks and then on hubby felt it when i turned 20 weeks, baby has been moving a lot ever since and everynow and again its a big kick/prod. although it often stops when daddy tried to feel. i think it was just luck that daddy was there when baby had its first big kicks..either that or our baby is a show off

    bailey 20+3
  • hi, hubby has felt it a couple of times, but as you say he usually stops once he puts his hand on my belly! sometimes as well bean is kicking and hubbys hand is on my tummy and he still cant feel anything, and if he does its a tiny little one, so i wonder if its anything to do with his hands being a lot bigger,cos my daughter who is 4 with very little hands can feel it no problem!

    I`m not too bothered though as once baby gets bigger he will be kicking him in the back in bed like our daughter used to!!

    Nina 21+2 xx

  • i started feeling baby kick at 14 weeks i didnt notice the little flutters at all (this is my 3rd pregnancy) oh 1st felt baby at 16 weeks but has only felt it once since my bean also goes quiet when daddy puts his hands on bump image
    claire x
  • I think it was 24 weeks for my oh. xx
  • about 4 weeks ago i think....
    MIL was up the first time he felt it (We'd been trying to get him to feel her kick for ages and this ust had to happen then... :lol: )
    so as soon as Mark felt her kick she wanted to feel...... not happening there m'afraid....

    since then he's felt her a couple of times, but like your OH he has no patience and will get fed up of waiting after a couple of seconds.

    I think it could also be something to do with the fact that we know what we're feeling as we feel it all the time, but sometimes a small kick will just feel like nothing or tummy rumbling to them so they dont understand they've felt a kick.....

  • i felt definate movement from 16 weeks ish and my oh has been able to feel from 17-18 weeks, so quite early for us xxx
  • ive just had a look in brookes memory book coz i was starting to wonder the same thing! i was about 5 months when rob felt her move not sure in weeks should of written it down how many weeks i was! gunna have to work it out now!! x
  • I too felt movements from quite early on and you could feel them from the outside as well as see them from about 18 weeks! He doesnt stop now bless him and most people at work have either seen him or felt him move now!!!

  • I also felt movements and then kicks early on , i am 21 wks now and at 19+5 afetr we had put our xmas tree up the baby kicked and I managed to geab husbands hand and he felt it !

    Since then I have felt loads of kicks but I think they are too light as husband can't feel them !

    prob over next few weeks he will !
  • I dont think it will be long for you Joo - i think i was about 23-24 weeks or something like that but i had the same as you - as soon as hubby put his hand on tum baby stopped kicking!! He got a little disheartened too but now he cant get enough of it! Up until about 4 weeks ago movements were still intermittent and sometimes hubby couldnt feel them even tho i could - now you dont need to put hand on my tummy to see baby moving! and in last week i think baby has turned into a rollercoaster!

    You wait til the baby gets hiccups too - its the funniest thing! Baby had them last night and hubby felt them - we couldnt stop laughing! If you are like me youll keep reading about the little one getting them and i wondered when id be able to tell ..... you certainly know tho!


  • Same issue for me and my partner as soon as he puts his hand on she stops! I'm 22 weeks now so fingers crossed he will feel her soon

    although he's too impatient to sit for long!

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