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Pregnancy vitamins -which ones?

Hi Ladies,

Just wondering what pregnancy vitamins everyone is taking. I have been taking Sanatogen his &hers tablets. My husband started taking them and we fell pregnant two months after! I am still using up the rest of these and then will carry on taking Pronatal ones.

Anyone else taking these or are there better ones out there?


  • I'm still taking sanatogen now and I'm 26+4. I'm eating as healthy as I can as well but just like the added benefit of the vits if I miss my 5 a day for any reason.
  • im also taking sanatogen pronatal with the pronatal omega 3 to! xx
  • Hi sazzle33
    Did you take the his & hers ones or just the pronatal ones?
  • Just the pro natal, oh would never remember to take vits so just fed him lots of seeds lol
  • I've been taking the Sainsburys own Mum and Bump ones - but they taste disgusting !

    However - the Tescos own preganancy vitamins taste yummy !!! I've used them too.

    K xxx
  • I am taking Pregnacare as well, the ones with the fish oil capsules as well.
    I was going to post, is it ok to take these after 14 weeks cos they contain folic acid?
    I'm assuming so because they say they can be taken throughout pregnancy.
    It's a minefield!! x
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