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Help ladies re price of 2nd hand pram.

I'm getting ready to sell my pram and want to know if the price seems right. It's the Maclaren Techno XLR and the Recaro Young Profi Plus car seat. Everything that orignally came with it is included (3 raincovers, clips for car seat to fit in stroller, and extra back padding for stroller).
I have included links to each below but the colours of mine is brown and pink.

Both have been used but other than some normal wear and tear on the wheels there is nothing wrong with either. The only reason I'm selling is I now need a double.

When I purchased this a year ago I paid ???????450 (??370). I was hoping to sell it for ???????250 (??205).

Does that price seem reasonable?


  • I also think thats expensive seeing as its on offer in mothercare for only ??15 more for a brand new buggy, i dont think many people would use the carseat as your not meant to use second hand ones.
    I'd probably go for ??150 or nearest offer and take as people are bound to knock your price down. xx
  • I bought a 2nd hand Jane Slalom Pro for ??100 - it's 2/3 years old and worth around ??450ish new. I don't think I would pay much more than ??150 for a 2nd hand pram.
  • Thanks ladies. The special offer doesn't apply to Ireland so I'm not concerned about that. Think I will put the price down and also have separate prices for the stroller and the car seat.
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