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babys movement....

hi folks, i'm 25+6wks and my baby moves a lot, but it always feels low down in my tummy (below belly button). just wondering if this is normal cos i was expecting to feel movement higher up. its my 1st baby, so not really sure of anything at the moment. thanks


  • Hi Angelbabe

    I can't really help or explain why but I am experiencing the same thing. I am 22+2 and I have the same sensation!!! All I know is that I had this with my first and I think it was around 28+ weeks that the movements moved higher up! Sorry I can't help much just wanted you to know you are not alone.

    Take care
    Hannah x x
  • thanks hannah - im glad that its normal...not sure what i expected during pregnancy anyway! hope ur keping well
  • Hi Girls,

    I think it will all depend on the way baby is lying, it could be lying with feet to one of your sides, and head to the other, and its the arm moving, I'm pretty sure thats what happened with me.
    On my 20 wk scan, at the start of the scan the head was at one side, but by the end of the scan it was the opposite way round! They still have loads of room to "play" so they will!!

    Hope this helps. image
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