i cant believe it im sitting here in shock!!!!!!!!

its gone so so so so so fast i have 35 days left (if i last that long)

it only feels like a couple of months ago i was telling my mum i was pg (and made her the happiest and proudest gran to be in the world lol)

i have a feeling she will be early tho, i have been getting bad period pains and back ache the last few days. does this mean anything girls???


  • omg i just wrote a post asking the same thing lol. i have 23 days left though . hope we get loads of answers xxx
  • lol fingers crossed!!!
  • i've got awful back ache and having lots of braxton hicks but i'm only 33 + 2 so dnt think it means anything!may do for u girls tho xxxx
  • ooo girls it could mean things r on the move 4 u 2!!! but then again u could be havin braxton hicks - but even those can be a sign that u might not be too far away!! i hate these last weeks that drag on!! - I want my baby!!!
    good luck ladies hope things happen soon 4 u!!
    elaine xx

  • i went overdue by 4-5 days with my daughter so have got in my head that i will this time too!anyone else gone overdue n then not gone over nxt time?
  • i went 10 days over with my first, then right on my due date with my second. im hoping to go abit early with this one
  • ooh that sounds promising!i'm alot more achey now than i was at this stage with my little girl and had more and stronger braxton hicks n i keep thinking this 1 will b on time but then kept thinking if i went over last time i will this time but thats not true then!how far r u now i&c'z mum?my due date was calculated by the babys size rather than my last period as i was having trouble with my periods whilst trying and didnt actually have one for 4 mths before i got the positive preg test so i had no idea how far i was!
  • i'm 36w 5 days (i knew when my last period was). my braxton hicks are really strong and happen on and off every day now so im pretty used to them..( i never had them with my first 2 much really) in the last week ive been going to the toilet everyday for a number 2 (which its unusual as go 2 times a week if im lucky normally) ive been twice today already. sorry if tmi. im hoping things are getting ready
  • lol!i'm usually like that with bowel movements n i've been goin every day the last couple of weeks.On iron tablets too which i thought were supposed 2 make you constipated??i got braxton hicks in last pregnancy but not as strong as these,they say they get stronger with each pregnancy i think.Lets hope u dnt av 2 wait 2 long,i h8 the last few weeks dnt u?!i hated goin overdue too cuz ever1 was ringin askin have u had baby,i felt like screaming no ul hear when i have!!lol xx
  • yeah i thought it was unusual cos ve been really constipated this pregnancy cos ive been taking pregnacare (has iron in it) going has been quite painful until this last week. oooh maybe things are kicking off for us. im also lucky with family, they havent bothered me yet lol
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