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stretch mark cream

just wondering which ones yo are using???

i started with the palmers one but developed a rash and turns out im allergic

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  • oh not heard of the sanctuary one. where can you get it from?
  • I used the palmers one when i was pregnant the first time and i developed a rash to, but ive started using it again in my second pregnancy and so far im ok,fingers crossed cause i really like it.

  • I'm using Clarins 'Tonic' body oil which my brother and sil bought me for Xmas. It smells fabulous, I am nearly 32 weeks and don't have any stretch marks at all but then I didn't get any last time either and I didn't use anything. Think I just have good genes as my mum had three kids and has no stretch marks!
  • when i was pregant i used palmers coco butter stretch mark cream and bio oil religiously twice a day from 3weeks till birth and still ended up COVERED in stretch marks! i think it all comes down to skin type and if your guna get them.... your guna get them! i guess i had soft skin though... and it did relieve the itching a little. but dont worry too much about it, im living proof that they dont always work xxx
  • just been to the body shop as love their creams. bought a 'cocoa butter moisturising stick.' It's a bit like a roll on moisturiser, no sticky hands, smells great, won't leak in your bag and was only ??7. It says on the tube "Extra rich moisturisation to increase skin elasticity, suppleness and help prevent stretch marks."
    The kind lady in the shop said it was part of there new range coming out soon and aimed at mum's to be, she also adviced lots of water (because pregnant women don't pee enough!!)
    i'm only 5 weeks but i'm going to give ths a good go.


    PS try vitamin E cream shower wash for old scars, it helped get rid of my appendix scar
  • Hey
    iv been using the boots own make stretch mark cream which i got for half price when i joined the boots baby club, iv only got 3 small stretch marks which im very happy about as im due in 10 days. so its either luck or the cream, worth a go thou as the bio oil is quite expensive.

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  • hi i'm haze , i'm only 5 weeks with my first , but i was reading some of your posts about stretch marks. such joy to come! Can anyone tell me how soon i should be using these lotions and potions , as it seems early days to start, but i am clueless! x
  • I'm with u Linzimc! I used the cocoa butter too and am covered in stretchmarks. I don't think its to do with genes (my mum never got them with 2 kids) or how much weight u put on cos I haven't even put on 2st. I would try using everything you can though if you haven't got them yet as they're really itchy! My bump has gone all scabby the amount I'm scratching it, gross I know but it's soooo itchy aarrrrgh. xxx

  • Ive been using the sanctuary mum to be cream as well, cant tell if its working, I was just using moisturising cream before and got a few stretch marks so Im hoping this works.
  • I've been using Derma Mum which you can get from Boots. To be honest, it's just like E45 cream. I'm using it every day and I'm 31 weeks with no stretch marks, but my bump is still really small so there's plenty of time for them to come yet! xx
  • I put Bio-oil in my bath water. I use Nivea intensive rescue lotion stuff after my bath and put Johnsons Baby oil on before bed. My skin is always moist and soft and no stretchmarks as yet - touch wood it will continue!! xxx

  • hey i'm only 25w+ so migh be a little early to tell but i've just been using baby oil after my bath and so far so good, but my mom didn't get any so you's are right about the genetics, fingers crossed, xxx

  • ive been using pregnacare cream but im not sure i like it, not sure why just dont think it does anything! might get some bio oil as i want to try and avoid them

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