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when and who?! and what q's!!!???!

HI ladies - got my BFP on Saturday and going to see our GP tomorrow....

So now our conversation has tunred to who to tell and when! We're very realistic that it's early days (I'm about 4 - 5 weeks) however, my mum had a number of miscarriages before me and my sister so I'd hate for the first time she hears of our BFP to be if anything went wrong...I'd prefer to tell her now as I know she would really be supoortive if anything did you know what I mean?!

OH is not so convinced and wants to 'hang on to our news' a little bit longer

Also, can anyone give me some idea of what I should be asking the doctor tomorrow please?!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! xxx
thank you! xxx


  • Hi and congratulations!
    Firstly, dont want to disappoint you hun but dont expect too much at the gp tomorrow. Most gp's dont even test nowadays and he/she will refer you to see the midwife at 12 weeks.
    Secondly, its entirely up to you when you tell people. I was 3 weeks when I told my hubbys parents but thats only because they guessed as I wasnt drinking lol and I'm a rubbish liar! I told my mum when I was 7 weeks, the day after we got married! If you think that your mum will want to know now then tell her by all means, I know what you mean about not wanting her to hear about the bfp just because something went wrong and as you said, she'd be supportive. Your hubby needs to maybe understand that as your pregnant your going to be hormonal and emotional even in this early stage and you might need your mums support as well as his.
    Congrats again hun!
  • Hiya,

    Iam 5 weeks today so we are very close image i have told my parents as they didnt take my last pregnancy well so i wanted to tell them and get the stress out of the way.

    My mum had miscarriages before having my sister so she is worried as it is so early but i had to tell her as it was stressing me out worrying about telling her!!

    Plus if i did have a miscarriage (hope to god not!) i would want her to be there for me anyway so i would have to tell her.

    Hope that helps abit!!!

    Vicki, heres to us having nice healthy 9 months xxxx
  • In my area (wiltshire) you see the mw at 8 weeks. My oh is exactly like yours and doesn't want to tell anyone until we have had 12 weeks scan. Unfortunately I had to tell my boss for various reasons - but we haven't told either parents yet and I have my scan this Thursday! It had been hard, but we didn't want them to be really upset if anything has gone wrong xx I think it is a personal choice though and you have to take your oh's thoughts into account xx
  • me and hubby had the same problem he wanted to keep quiet intill 13 weeks, but i really wanted to tell family, i never wanted the first time they heard about the baby to be if i lost it.
  • awww immense you brave bunnie !! i couldnt hold it in longer than an hr when i got my bfp, i did the test few days after period was due convinced it would be another negative like the days an months before, so when I did get that veryyyyy faint 2nd line i shot off an told o/h he wasnt convinced because it was very hard to see. I called my folks an they were planning to come down anyway so they got told an shown on the day an so did friends via facebook image ..personal preference hun,go with what feels good in ye heart an not ye head, bit corny but true ,,oh an congratssss

    ~*'-'*~ Millions n Billions of PMA ~*'-'*~
    ~*'-'*~ BabyDust n Sparkles~*'-'*~
    ~*'-'*~????? Fingers crossed~*'-'*~

  • Hey bon! My GP did very little when I went to him at around 6 weeks pg - just took my word for it, put down on my notes that I was pregnant and told me to make an appointment with the midwife at reception. I was in and out in two minutes.

    I had my first midwife appointment at around 9 weeks - she rang me to arrange the time.

    As for telling people - we told our immediate families straight away as we felt we'd want the support if anything went wrong, but other than that we (mostly) kept things quiet until after the first scan. I was terrified that something would go wrong and knew that the last thing I'd want to do if I miscarried was to have to tell everyone.

    As the others say it's totally up to you & your OH.... but personally I think making a big announcement before your first scan is a daring thing to do....

  • Morning ladies - thanks for your replies. We've decided to tell my parents at the weekend...thinking of some sneaky way to slip it into conversation!! Will tell OH's parents in a few weeks.
    Going to see GP this afternoon to start the ball rolling
  • Hi, Congratulations!!
    I have to admit that im a blabber mouth and it was common knowledge in Scotland when i was 4 weeks! lol
    Well maybe not everyone in Scotland lol, but it felt like it as we shouted it from rooftops!!
    Yeah the doc wil refer you to midwife, i saw her at 7 weeks for booking in appmnt, then 12 weeks at scan, then 16 weeks then 22 weeks then my next one i will be 28 weeks x
    Sharon x

  • We did the same - told my parents/sister at 6 wks as we're very close and my husbands parents/sisters at 10 wks once we had a dating scan so had seen that there was actually something in there!

    First GP appointment was not much she just weighed me, checked blood pressure and told me abut what foods to avoid. My booking in appointment at the antenatal clinic at 9 wks was the most thorough appointment I have had to date!

    Congrats to you! x

    Mrs E
  • Hi,

    My hubby was on the phone to his parents within seconds of the BFP showing up ! :lol: So I told my mum then too as she would have been hurt if she found out that the in laws had known but not her, then she couldnt keep it a secret from my siblings !

    As for work I told them early on (well rather my boss guessed when I passed out and threw up at work) and I confirmed it. I had to though as I had a really really bad first three months and needed so much time off work !

    As for the GP mine was lovely but didnt really do anything, just put it in my notes and filled out the form so I could get my scan booked.
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