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Bad early scan - can anyone give me advice?

Hi girls,

I was wondering whether this had happened to anyone else and what the outcome was.

I went to the Early Pregnancy unit at my local hosp today. I thought I was 5+6 and saw my GP or the first time last night. I had a little brown spotting about a week ago around the time my period was due and she was being cautious and referred me for an early scan.

Anyway when they scanned me they could barely see anything. She found a dot which measured the same as four weeks but nothing else and they said either my dates were wrong or it had stopped growing. they took some bloods and called me two hours later saying my hormones were looking ok and consistent with four weeks. I have to go back Tuesday for another scan and more bloods to check my levels are going up and she is hoping to see the sack properly.

I can't be four as we'd stopped bding by then but I could be just under five and she said it was only rough. The midwife told me it was looking positive, but obviously I'm expecting, and preparing myself, for the worst. Its very very sad as it took us 14 months to concieve.

I was just wondering whether anyone had has a similar experience, whatever the outcome.

Thanks guys

Rach x


  • Forgot to say it was an internal scan so they were looking very hard.
  • hi rach i know iteasier said than done but try not to worry a friend of mine went for an early scan and thought she was 6 weeks they put her at 4 weeks and said to go back 2 weeks later .....she has just been back and everything is fine , and she was just earlier than she thought , she had a m/c in june so she was natrally stressing but now she is 7/8 weeks and is starting to try and relax , please relax at least till they re scan you , im sure all wil be fine , x x x x
  • Hi,

    I'm surprised you were referred for an early scan many women have brown spotting around AF including myself and my doc said totally normal and probab just implanation. If you HGC levels were fine then probably just way too early days to measure accurately, try not to worry and take care, Inka xx
  • ah hun i havent been in this situation myself but just wanted to say big hugs and hope things turn out for the best. the dates they give can be out by 2 weeks, my first scan at the EPU had me as just over 6 weeks when i thought i was closer to 8. next time i went they changed them again and i was right!
    keeping everything crossed for you
  • Thanks girls, I'm trying to hope for the best and expect the worst, but it's going to be the hardest three days of my life! I've booked an appointment with my accupuncturist tomorrow so hopefully she can get me to chill!

    I'm keeping evething crossed and hoping its just a little bean.

  • I went for an early scan, adament that I was 6.5wks, not sure what they saw but told me it was looking like I had miscarried. I had to go back the following wk to make sure and when I was scanned they found a baby and a heartbeat. They said my dates must have been wrong and that it was too small to detect the previous week. Then at my 12 wk scan they dated me a wk in front of what I originally thought I was!! Stay positive honey xxxx
  • This early in pregnancy HCG levels are considered more accurate to give an idea of pregnancy than an internal scan. I had this with my pregnancy before Violet and my HCG levels were very low and I did miscarry, but I had known from the start that there was something wrong with my pregnancy. As the initial reading is good then that is really positive.

    Have a chilled weekend. xxx
  • Hey hun try not to worry (i know easier said than done) . i was in exactly the same position as you, i had a bleed but just thought it was implantation bleeding but doc was worried so referred me to the epu. I was too early for a scan (they don't scan here before 6 weeks) so i had bloods taken. These were ok and i had to come back the following week for the scan. When i went all they could see was a small sack and nothing else. I got told either my dates were wrong or its a missed miscarraige or its stopped growing. I had to wait an agonising 2 weeks for another scan and there on the screen was my baby bean, heartbeat and all. Turns out my dates were out but only by a couple of days!!!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed but it isnt always bad news.

    Suzi 20+3 xx
  • hi hun, try not to worry, i had an early scan done at what i thought was 6 and half weeks and was told that i was actually only 5, since then turns out from my 12 week scan that i was actually 7 weeks at the time of that first scan, so the sonographer had measured me 2 weeks smaller somehow. so i know easier said than done but do try not to worry their measurements aren't always accurate so early on


  • hi, didnt want to r&r, just wanted to say goodluck for your next scan and ill be keeping everything crosse for you xx
  • i had a very early scan too as had one sided pain. and they didnt see much, but im now 25 wks.x
  • I had a scan at 6 weeks because I'd had 2 m/cs in the past. Like you they could hardly see anything and said that either I was earlier than I thought, about 4 weeks, or it had stopped growing. I had to go back 2 weeks later so they could have another look. I was a nervous wreck for 2 weeks and didn't sleep the night before. Anyway, I got there and the 1st thing the dr said was "I can see the heartbeat." I cried, I was so happy. It turned out I was 8 + 3 and my dates had been right all along. I'm now 26 weeks, massive and baby kicks constantly, which is very reassuring.

    Good luck, I hope you get the result you're hoping for xx
  • like the others,try and not worry,its still a little early yet to see anything,on my first pregnancy i was 5 weeks i think and had to have a early scan,they could just see a sac and nothing else whet back a week later and you could see a heartbeat and everything,will keep everything crossed for you

  • Aww im sure it is all fine! Good luck and keep us updated xx
    Sharon x

  • Hi

    Just wanted to put your mind at ease. I had a bit of spotting when I was 5weeks 3days pregnant, I was sent for an early scan at 6weeks as they said any earlier you would not be able to see anything. Anyway I had an internal scan to and was told they couldn't find a heartbeat and they could see the sac and a blob but nothing else. we were told to prepare for the worst and send away to come back 10days after. We were terrified at this point but tried hard not to worry, i felt quite relieved as the spotting stopped althou after internal it started again and lasted 4days although was no worst then before. Anyway we went back for next scan and they find heartbeat and that everything was growing as normal. I am now 12weeks on monday and things are looking positive althou I still had a bit of spotting every fews days the midwife said as long as its no different from before not to worry. So try not to worry I dont think people are made aware how common spotting is in early pregnancy.

    Hope this helps and ill keep my fingers crossed for you.
  • hi i had a miscarriage in march and it started with brown discharge they took bloods then again 48 hours later and they had dropped dramitically so said it was a failing pregnancy , started bleeding that evening and had a natural miscarriage. but there is hope i'm now 8 +3 and i was having pains so i was sent to early pregnancy unit and they took blood and was told to go back 2 days later i was convinced same thing was happening again but the levels had doubled !
    they still sent me for an internal scan because i had no idea when i'd fallen pregnant as i didn't have a period from coming off the pill, my last period was in july when i was still on the pill so it was during my 7 day break and not a true period. anyway , had the scan and all they saw was a dot and said i was 4-5 weeks and to come back in 2 weeks for another one, went back and they could see a heartbeat but put me at 6+4 so i was only 4+4 at the first scan far too early to see anything really which means i'd concieved within a few days of stopping the pill and i'd shown positive at 3+3... amazing ! fingers crossed for you , let us know how tuesday goes xx
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