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Q Re: 16-week check up

Hi everyone, me again.
I am so not prepared for my appnt later! Bet you I forget my yellow book too!!!

Will I be having a blood test today do you think?
My 16w check is with my Dr, as in my area / surgery, the Dr prefers to do your 16w check. My Doc is also looking after me very well so said she wanted to do it for me!

I'm just not sure if I will be sent for a blood test or not...

(Its not a problem, but hubby has an exercise thingy he does on Monday's and he might struggle time wise if I am then sent for a blood test after my appnt!!!)

Joo xxxxxx


  • I just replied and it didnt post :\(

    I only had bloods at 10 weeks oh and then the downs test at my 12week scan and havent had any since. I would guess im due for more soon and am seeing midwife tomorrow. Im 25 weeks.

    I would guess all midwifes have different procedures though.


  • I had my bloods done at 16 wks. I wasnt sent anywhere though, they were done there and then by the midwife xxxx
  • Hiya hun, im sure u dont have bloods done at this app....i had my bloods taken at my 12wk scan, then had my 16wk app and she said i wont be having anymore bloods done til my 28wk app, il be having my anti d jab to as im rhesus neg ....image

    Literally it was BP, wee and to see how i was feeling etc and listen to bubs hb.... the midwifes in my area are crap though so the 16wk check was my booking in app too, and even then i was only inthere 15mins max????????????!!!! :roll:
  • Hi hun,

    I didnt know what to expect either but when I got there all we did was have a little chat about how I was feeling and she got me up on the bed and used a little machine to hear the baby's heartbeat (that was lush).

    I also had all my bloods taken at hospital when I had my scan.

    You should be in and out in a flash. In fact I went on my own as hubby was at work
  • Thanks everyone!

    Handy to be prepared!

    Hubby is determined to attend as many appointments with me as possible which is just so cute!!!

  • Thanks hon! When I say sent, I just mean to the blood test area downstairs, but they can take a while finding a vein so I always prepare for a long visit!!! :lol:

  • i`ve got my 16 week check tomorrow and they are doing bloods but that is for my triple test, if i had decided not to have the test then i dont think they would take blood? i have so far only had one set of bloods taken and that was at my booking in appt at around 9 weeks.

    Hope everything goes well with your appt, let us know how you get on,

    Nina 16+1 xx
  • Hi,

    They do only take bloods at 16 weeks for a triple test- otherwise it's just at 12 and 28 weeks xx
  • Good luck with your appointment. I am being a but dim here but can someone tell me what a triple test is?
  • Hi All

    Appointment went well - we were with the Dr for about 40-mins!!!

    Heard Angus Beans' heartbeat, it was fast, about 157! I am now thinking this little bean I thought was a boy is a girl!!! (Apparantely faster heartbeats indicate girls?)

    Dr thinks I'm anemic so having another blood test tomorrow.

    Joo xxx
  • Yeah faster heart beats do indicate girls. Mine is 160bpm and i am convinced its a girl. Anyone i know who has had a boy has been around the 140 mark! How exciting! Pleased it all went well for you!
  • As niblet said they only do blood at 16wks for the triple test. If not getting that then so far blood taken only at 12 weeks but im only 24+6 wks.

    mrsrc - the triple test is for spina bifida, edwards syndrome and downs syndrome.

    Suzi 24+6 xxx

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