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Hope u ladies can help me...can or can't we preggie ladies eat lobster?
I've looked on so many websites on the internet and all of them say different, so I'm none the wiser really? Thanks Sarah xx


  • Hi Sarah,
    I'm not sure that we can eat lobster, as it is technically a shellfsh. But, t seems with every 'don't eat' there is a bye rule! For example, we shouldn't eat prawns, but my midife says it's fine if they are cooked and served hot.
    I would check woth your midwife just to make sure. Sorry that I've not helped much!
  • Thanx for your help....Only one problem - I live in Mauritius and don't have a midwife only a Gyne.
    Maybe I could try and contact him....LOL Sarah xx
  • Hi Sarah!
    I've just looked on a few UK baby websites and it would appear that you can eat them as long as they are fresh and properly cooked. I have pasted a piece from another baby website below:

    Most fish and shellfish are safe to eat in pregnancy, provided that they are properly cooked. Some types of sushi (such as steamed crab and cooked eel), are fine to eat while you're pregnant. However, you may prefer to avoid eating the kinds that contain raw seafood.

    ??????? Prawns and lobster turn red when cooked; the flesh becomes pearly opaque. Scallops appear milky white or opaque and firm.

    If in doubt, turn to the NHS direct website, it should give you everything you need - other than using the info on BabyExpert of course!

    Enjoy your lobster,
    Tina x
  • I've been eating prawns all through!

    I would think in Mauritius the lobster will be so fresh and as long as you're confident it's been well cooked it should be fine. Lucky you!!

    I have avoided mussels though as I've had a bad experience with them before and I'm glad I did as my dad had some the other day when we were out & I was really tempted, but he was sick in the night after, so I'm glad I didn't have them!!

  • I went to Egypt and ate scallops, prawns, lobster etc..i'm a proper fish buff and my midwife says it was fine as they were all cooked i'm still eating prawns on a weekly basis, i just make sure they're from a decent place, no back street kebab house etc.
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