How long...

Does it take from the booking in appt for the first scan date to come through?
I had my booking in appt today and she faxed the form over to the ultrasound scanning place then and there and said i will have my scan between 11-13 weeks +6. I can't wait!! lol - so exited,

So yes just wondering how quickly everyone's appointment come through? Especially anyone from Portsmouth who went to First View Imaging Ltd for theirs?

Shez xx image


  • Hi hun, I had my booking in appt on 28th December and booked my scan appointment yesterday so 9 days after for me. I'm not from your area though so it probably differs slightly. I had to ring up to book my appointment once my referral from my midwife had been recieved. There was a delay in this because of New Year. Hope you hear from them soon hunny.
    Sapphire (9wks today) x
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