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When did you??

Hi everyone,

When did you first feel your baby moving? At how many weeks?
I cant remember when I did with my first :\(
Thought I felt something at ther beginning of the week, but not had it again so not so sure now! :roll:
Im 13 + 5 at the mo.

Cant wait till I do!!! image


  • I thought I felt a flutter at around 15 weeks; however with my first pregnancy, I didnt feel anything til 22 weeks so thought I was going mad.

    It was definitely moving as although Im only 17 weeks, the movement is more obvious although its not kicking just fluttering


  • Hey ladies, This is my second pregnancy too and i first felt movement at 16 weeks, im 19+1 today and have been getting definate kicks from 17+5 ish.

  • hiya this is my 1st and I really felt it move for the first time last night! everyone feels it at different times so don't worry hun!
  • we are nearly 20 weeks and can only feel fluttering, no kicks yet. xx
  • hi this is my 2nd and ive been feeling movement since 14 weeks and definate kicks from about 16 weeks
    claire xx
  • This is my second, I felt definate movement from 16 weeks but had fluttering at 14 weeks onwards. Now it is full on kicks I can see from the outside!
    Hannah xxx
  • On my second I felt him at 12 weeks. I'm now 11+2 on this one and I think I can feel flutters but not 100% sure it's not gas! My first was about 18 weeks.
  • This my third. I felt my firts move at 16 weeks, my second at 14 and I started feeling this one move at 13 weeks.
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