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Hi, just wondering if anyone else owns horses or is riding while pregnant?

I dont have my own at the moment, as the pregnancy was planned we knew we wouldnt have time for a horse as well.

Im currently only riding for half an hour a week on the safest horse on the world, and im only doing flatwork no jumping. Im a very experienced rider but everyone I speak to is appalled that im still riding.
I have fallen over my own feet walking more ofter than I have fallen off a horse, and im very confident in the horse im riding so I truely dont see it as a risk,

Think I would go insane if I couldnt get down to the yard at all, as its an escape from my stressful job.

Anyone had any experience of horses and pregnancy?!


  • Hi pom
    I can let you know what advice was given to me. As you stated, one conern is falling off but as you are experienced hopefully that is minimised. The other is as you get bigger your balance shifts and so I was advised there would be a point when you are not able to ride in the same manner and so isn't as safe.
    The reason I had to give up was I started to suffer from SPD quite early on and so it was putting far to much strain on my pelvis. My physio nearly had a fit when I asked her if I could continue! If your muscles are already toned and used to riding then the movment your pelvis is subjected to even at walk should be minimised. But if you do get SPD you would need to stop.
    I think if you are sensible and stick to low risk activities you should be ok in the first/start of the second trimester as the baby is well cushioned in your pelvis until it is bigger. Hope that helps!
    Lilou x
  • When I asked my midwife about exercising, she said the two sports to avoid were horse riding and skiing. The problem with them is that, however experienced you are, you can fall due to unexpected circumstance (the horse spooks, you hit a patch of ice). It is not that you are necessarily more likely to fall in either sport (although Lilou is right about weight gain changing your balance later on) just that even a single fall becomes that much more significant so it is recommended that you avoid that risk.

    Personally, it has been incredibly frustrating, as someone who has skied for 25 years to not be able to ski during the winter the Alps are having their best conditions in 20 years! But it will be worth it in the end, and I would much rather this sort of frustration than the danger of the huge regret I would have felt had some idiot plowed into me on a beginner slope and injured the baby by knocking me off my feet!
  • Hi im a horse rider and have been for over 10 years.
    I was advised by my gp and midwife to not ride at all during pregnancy, one reason being horses are unpredictable and no matter how experienced a rider is or bombproof the horse is they can still spook and you could fall off risking your baby and an injury to you as your ligaments are softer during pregnancy.
    its been so hard for me not to ride esp as i was watching olympia over christmas and just wanted to go for a ride!, but i personally dont think its worth risking your baby
  • Im 100% confident in the horse im riding. I did my riding and road safety last summer and she didnt put a foot wrong.

    She is a big girl (17hh) but 7 year olds ride her, and for most kids she is the one she learns to jump on.
    She isnt the type I normally ride, but its really been beneficial for both of us, as she doesnt normally get ridden forward into an outline.

    Rode on Friday which went well but coming home had two different cars on consecutive roundabouts sweve into my lane, which scared me more than the horse did.

    Most people at the yard think within the next month I will get bigger, and will want to stop. the moment I feel my position is compromised I will stop.

    Driving me insane, as I watch my old lesson, and it very weird not being able to jump or get on the ones who are being naughty as I usually would!
  • id avoid that!!!... u may be an experienced rider, bt if aything scares the horse and he chucks u off...
    or u feel faint or ill.... noooooo i wdnt risk tht
  • i will tell you what my chiropractor told me. she is a horse rider and she continued to ride throughout her pregnancy and split her pubic bone... i dont ride and my pubic bone is very sore and im having to be careful i dont split it. so its not horse riding that causes it but it wont help! xx
  • I was advised that if you were an experienced rider gentle riding was ok. i think you're doing the right thing, no jumping etc. I've been riding since I was 8, but haven't been for a couple of years so haven't risked it, but I think if you're happy, and confident in your horse, to do it! Just stay away from busy roads, and anything else that might make the horse spook!

    I'm incredibly envious of you, would love to still be riding!
  • Hi hun

    I was always told horse riding during any stage of preganancy is a no no. It does not really matter how experienced you are, things can happen and they do to the best of riders.

    I really would not be riding. I just could not risk anything happening.

    K xx
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