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Need opinons please?UPDATE

I'd really like some opinons on this.

I have all day sicknees,have had this since 3wks i am now 6+3..

I retch ALL the time,siting up and moving around trigger my retching and vomiting..

I am sick about 6-8 times aday(soz if tmi) generally a mouthfull at a time..

I constantly feel really nauseous.

Today i have been really bad,i've been sick only 4 times BUT (soz if tmi) i have emptied the entire contents of my tummy each time and i feel SOO BAD.

I have spoken to doctors twice about this,i have no normal life,i cant move around freely,i cant cook and housework is out right now but the doctors wont give me anything!!

I really really dont know what to do?
Does this sound like normal MS to you all?
Why wont the docs give me any medication to help?

Any opionon please,i feel sooo desperate and am to scared tomove cos i know i'm gonna be sick,i am at the end of my tether ..


xx xx


Well after throwing up 25 tims i could take nomore and rang the docs back,ths timei had a great doctor who insited on seeing me,so struggled down there,turns out i still have a urine infection (my urine was orange!!),he really was understanding and totally agreed that it isnt normal,hes given me metoclopramide anti sickness and stronger anti biotics as he said i cant keep on throwin up the antibiotics image.
Got up this morning and its started again so sent my OH to get the meds,hopefully i'll feel better soon.
I wanted to say thankyou so much for all your support,i really appreciate it.

xx xx

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  • Hi Danni I am not pg as you know but just wanted to say I hope your sickness gets better soon hun!!!! xxx
  • Did the doctor give you a reason for not giving you anything? Could it be something called Hyperemesis? Have you tried sea sickness bands? How long has this been going on for?

    Sorry for the 20 questions - really hope it eases soon for you.
  • Bless ya Rache,its lovely of you to think of me and please keep me posted when you get ya BFP!!

    Lottie thanks for replying hun,this has been going on for 3 and a half weeks but today is really bad,i'm wearing the bands as we speak,lol,think they poss do help it..

    First doc i spoke to (man) just chuckled and said its a good thing,DOH it doesnt feelit!!
    Second one tonight i think was a nurse n she said theres no cure for MS,when i said cant they give e anti nausea meds she just went quiet GRRRR..
    I dont think the way i am is normal but if i am please tell me what you think.

    xx xx
  • I have heard the sea sickness bands help. But this does sound a bit extreme i have not suffered in this way. Has your doctor explained why they wont give you anything? When i went to see mine she said if i had bad MS to go back and they would give me something- just like that! is there another doctor in surgery you can see hun?

    Hope you feel better soon x
  • hi hunny i had this too from 6 weeks though i was in and out of hospital until i was 16 weeks then was given better anti sickness medication that i had to fight for as its very strong. you need to go back to the docs and make sure they listen because if it is hyperemesis you will get dehydrated very fast did they even check to see if your dehydrated. i was exactly the same as you couldnt move or anything but was sick more like 50 times a day and sometimes blood as my stomache had retched that much this is my 3rd hyperemesis pregnancy in my 1st docs were like yours and kept telling me it was morning sickness its only when i was near collapse they took me seriously and was put into hospital so please go back and tell them its deffinatly not normal
    sorry ive rambled on but its so annoying that a lot of women get fobbed off with hyperemesis being normal
    i hope you feel better soon big hugs
    claire xx
    28 weeks
  • Oh you poor thing! I was really bad in the beginning, my GP gave me a few things to try first but told me if nothing worked to go back and he would prescribe me anti nausea medication. Luckily i never got so bad i needed it, but if you can't move without being sick then i think you need something! Go back to your GP, and if he still won't help you demand to see someone who will. Being sick won't do your baby any harm, but if you are not keeping down anything, you could end up being dehydrated and thats not good for either of you! I think if it were me and all else failed i would just go to A&E and explain how awful its been and that the GP refused to help. Its always worth a try! I really hope you start to feel better soon xxxxx
  • Hi

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling this bad... I am nearly 35 weeks now and have had hyperemesis since 4+2, so I really do feel your pain!

    Do you manage to keep any fluids down at all?

    You need to be careful about getting dehydrated - that is the main reason that they will give anti emetics, but to be honest, I was throwing up at least 30 times a day before I was given any anti sickness medication... But then I have been an extreme case, so you may find that if you persevere with your GP, you will be able to get some medication, but it does take some time to persuade them that you are a severe enough case.

    The most important thing here is to try (and I really do know it's hard!) to keep your fluids down - sucking on ice cubes is a good one..

    Also, how much weight have you lost so far? It's worth keeping a check on this because this can be how hyperemesis is measured - I lost three and a half stone in three weeks and so ended up in hospital!

    Hope this helps - please let me know if I can give you any more info - there are a couple of us girls on here who have suffered and can give you some decent info!

    C xx

    ps - Most people find their symptoms start to ease at 12-16 weeks - don't want to panic you with my 35 weeks of it!!!!

  • Babycrazy i think the bands help a bit,but not anywhere near enough for me image

    Claire i have to admit i am starting to get really concerned now,i cant keep crackers down and water is starting to come back up now.Its crazy no woman should have to fight for medication which will help,i really cant imagine havingit in 3 pregnancies!!
    Did you always vomit lots claire,cos mine is mainly lots of retching and mouthfulls,except today..Does it sound like Hypermesis to you claire?

    My OH is making an appointment for monday at the docs and is gonna come with me so he can tell them exactly whats happening..

    xx xx
  • Oh, and meant to say, have a look at this website - this is what made me fight my corner as I knew I had so many ticks in the boxes...

    C xx
  • Thanks soooooo much girls,i have managed to keep down water but today is in a differant league with all this tbh dont seem t be keeping anything down,even the water,just been sick twice more
    Soz if my spelling etc is bad i'm feeling rough image
    Dont know if i shoud try to speak to doctor earlier then monday,cant manage ay food..
    xx xx
  • hi danni yes i was always sick unfortunatly and like mrs buttons says it was at least 30 times a day more like 50 if you ask me it sounds like the start of hyperemesis though but again as mrs buttons says keep an eye on your weight i lost a stone and a half in a week and am still on 3 different medications and am only now feeling brave enough to wean my self off them one at a time im still sick every morning about 3 times before i eat but compared to before its a doddle. the doctor asked me if im crazy having 3 hyperemesis pregnancies but once that bundle of joy is in your arms you forget about it chloe123 is on her 4th hyperemesis pregnancy i think but i might be wrong. make sure your oh has his say i took my mum with my 1st and it helped a lill. good luck hunn if you need to talk you can email me using the email buttton
  • God, Claire, I don't think I'll ever forget this hell! Even now, with the Ondansetron and cyclizine, I'm sick as anything - you must be one strong willed girl!!! xxx
  • Danii

    Just keep on with the water - you can live without the food for a couple of days!! If you are feeling brave, try a biccy or cracker, but fluid is the most important factor!

    C x
  • mrs buttons i cant believe you are still being sick badly i was on the ondansetron suppositries daily though and 3 cyclizine a day and 3 stemitil a day today im trying to go with just cyclizine though gotta wean off sometime. i had it all the way through with my 1st which it sounds like your going to have with my 2nd i had it up to 26 weeks and this time it calmed down a lot at 19 weeks enough so i can cope with it you will think its all worth it i promise you that as soon as youve had baby you will eat your first proper meal. i remember my oh getting my meal from the hospital restaurant as we had a private room in the hospital hotel i asked him why he hadnt got himself anything he laughed and said i will finish yours you hardly eat. needless to say he didnt get a look in on my 3 course meal it was the best meal i had ever eaten lol
    sorry ive rambled again havent i image
  • Hello my fellow puke machines, yes this ism y 4th hyperemisi pregnancie and i can honestly say in total agreement with clare and co that once you haver your little bundle it really all doesnt matter and is totally worth it.... my advice to you is this,
    if you are not being taken seriuosly go to a and e, they will help you they will do all the relevent checks urine and bloods and they will really try to help, dont suffer get yourself up there, i really hope you feel better soon, i still got it now but its more maageable than it was i have forgotton what a none sick ness day feels like?

    in the meantime ice cubes as mrs buttons has said and ice lollies polos and flat lucozade, lucozade will boost you a little try and have a bit of soup with loads of salt in it i know the thought is prb making you retch and stwed apples with loads of sugar, they are for your electrolytes, right i am rambling now good luck we are here for support whenever you need us xx

  • Danni so glad you saw a nice doc this time!!! really hope the medication helps you!!!!! let us know how you get on with it!!!! xxx
  • Danni

    Glad you got to see a doctor - urine infections are very common with hyperemesis because of the dehydration factor so nothing unusual there! My wee has been all sorts of bizarre colours and sometimes I haven't had one for like a day and a half!!!

    The metaclopramide are pretty good - it's just because they are tablets, whether you can keep them down or not! I ended up (and think Claire and Chloe did too) with suppositories because it makes sense that if you can't keep anything down, you won't be able to keep a tablet down!!! When you've taken the tablet, just lie still and do literally nothing (not that you probably feel like anything else right now anyway!) and hopefully they'll stay down long enough to make some difference (I think they say about 45 mins!)

    Take good care of yourself and let us know how it's going..

    love C xxx
  • aww glad someone took you seriously hunn and yep mrs buttons i had the lovely suppositories too as couldnt keep the tabs down hopefully you will be better than that. feel better soon chick
    claire x
  • I just couldnt imagine going through this more then once!!!
    I take my hat off to you ladies xx

    Well took the first tablet and it helped for about 3 hours then i started vomiting again grrr..

    I had food in me for about 3 hours is that enough time for soething to go into my body?

    Also with the water,i keep it down till tablets wear off,is this enough time for fluid to digest preoperly?

    Sorry for so many quesions image

    xx xx
  • hi danni yes you will be fine keeping it down for 3 hours some will get into your system there is a good side to this sickness it shows you are having a healthy baby as you are ill cus they get all your nutrients something like that anyway image
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