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Full bladder for 12 week scan?

Hello girls,

I have my 12 week scan tomorrow morning (VERY nervous about it...), but just wondered if it's best to have a full bladder or should I just take a bottle of water with me and see what the sonographer says when I arrive?





  • they suggest having a full bladder then if its to full they can always send you for a wee but if its not full enough they will send you home. Drink a pint of water 1 hour before your scan and don't go to the toilet x
  • Oh right, thanks ttcprincess! I will make sure I drink plenty beforehand then. It's a good job this forum is here, because there is nothing in the letter I got saying anything about that!

  • the sonographer said that their machien was now so high tech that you no longer needed to have a full bladder. However im with ttcprincess, worth having it just in case

  • Okay thanks doublebubble! I guess I can always go to the loo there if need be!

  • Good luck tomorrow, it's such a wonderful time image I had a full bladder as per the letter I was sent, but when I went I was told to pee 3 times!!! HAHAH! Not funny. Then for my 20 week scan they said drink 2 pints, I didn't bother. I thought I'd rather be told to go drink something that try and only pee a lillte bit on demand!!! Wouldn't worry too much about it. image
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  • Hi Ciara,

    Thanks for that - I guess it just depends on who you see on the day? 2 pints?! Goodness, that's quite a lot... think I'd probably burst!

    Thanks for all of your replies girls!

  • I went for mine with a full bladder, and ended up going to the loo twice before i went in! Even after that the sonographer said my bladder didnt need to be that full!

    I agree, drink one pint of water one hour before your scan and you'll be fine x
  • Hi Ellie

    Okay thanks. Will go with the 1 pint 1 hour before I think!

  • i was told full bladder for 12wks. and for 20 wks it didnt matter as baby was much bigger anyway.
  • I had to drink a pint and a half an hour before. My scan letter said if I turned up without a full bladder I'd be sent away! We got amazingly clear pics though so it was worth it.

  • Definitely drink beforehand as you get better pics and it pushes the uterus closer to the surface! I am surprised the letter didn't say that! 20 weeks scan doesn't matter as the baby is so much bigger!

    Good luck hun - it is amazing!

    Tara and Ella - 11wks!
  • Yes make sure you have a full bladder. I went for my 12 week scan yesterday and went to the loo when I got to the hospital as was busting! Then tried drinking and wasn't really in the mood - got into the scan and the sonographer said that my bladder was not full enough to get a clear picture so she did an internal scan instead. I would rather of not had an internal and really cursed myself that I had went for a wee before hand. Good Luck and let us know how you get on image
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