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anyone feeling its all gettong too much?

it might just be me, but im just feeling like its all getting too much and i cant cope. ive got 52 days to go before my due date and although the nursery is done, the clothes have been washed, ironed and put away and the hospital bags are packed i just dont feel ready. i keep forgetting things, or making a mess because im so clumsy these days. i cant stop crying all the time, my partner thinks im being stupid and all i get from people is how nice it is and how small and neat my bump is, they baby is active pretty much constantly day and night and i get myself into a right state of panic so i cant sleep im just so overtired. when does it give up so i can fell like myself again.


  • I think what you are feeling is completely normal. I very much felt that way in my first pregnancy. This time round, I have another 21 weeks to go and in the opposite situation to you and to how I was before, my tenancy ends on 18th May and is not being renewed (7wks before baby due), I have no idea where I'll be living, I cannot buy anything in the way of bulkier items like a cot, nursery furniture, etc... as I do not know where I'll be, how much room there is and so cannot plan or get prepared and am panicking that I'll end up with nothing for the baby in time! Plus my daughter starts secondary school in september and without knowing where I'll be living I dont know if it will be accessible where she is supposed to be going........ DAMN, this is meant to be about you not me! lol... Just think the end is near for you and you'll be meeting your baby soon, I know it doesnt matter what anyone else says as they are not feeling how you feel but each time I feel really low and start pitying myself and my situation, I just think of others less fortunate then me and the fact that things will work out in the end... The best thing you can do is to keep a positive mental attitude, the more you think positive the better you feel. And when you do feel low or need a cry, dont beat yourself up over it :\)
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