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liverpool mummies

no I dont really know anyone by mine pauls nan lives round the corner and we know a few people from the local pub but thats about it. All my family live in Huyton so im quite far from there too. The place where my antenatal classes will be also do baby massage classes after the baby is born so mabye il meet some people there.Did you go to any classes like that while you were having Jack? It can get a bit lonely not being able to just walk round to my mums or friends houses, Paul works nights too so im on my own all week I need to learn to drive really so I can get out more. x


  • I know can't w8... Have u thought of any names u like yet?
  • Yes its either Alexa and she will get Lexie or Alex for short, or Ellie or Lucy I might just keep those 3 untill the end and see which one suits her the most. Have you picked a girls name yet your having Paul for a boy arent ya?
  • yeah paul 4a boy i like aimee too and ellie. have u packed ur hosp bag yet?! mine was packed 4 months wit jack!!
  • oh my god ur sooo organised lol I havent even thought about my hospital bag yet ha ha. Nah im gonna start it soon I did a list last night and couldnt believe how long it was, il pack it in a few weeks, how long was you in for with Jack?
  • yeah i just wanna no all is developing well!! Ha ha ha Me an Jack are both full of flu he was up at 4am so im soooo tired 2day!! Luckily tho my mum is comin up 2day 2 help me! Haven't been doin much myself either hun... except jackish things! Bet it's lovely buying all pretty pink stuff! all i buy says noisy but cute and pairs of jeans!!! ha haha xx
  • hello luv.. yeah we're all reds in this house!! ha ha ha.. i don't like goin out on derby games either there is always trouble.. Wedding sounds nice but i no wot u mean about havin a drink!! It's horrible when everyone else is drunk. But at least u could laugh at them all dancin bevvied!! Ha haha., I know im not really bothered wot it is as long as it's healthy! However if it is another boy ill be all left out while them 3 are goin camping fishing etc.. So a girl wud be nice like if paul an jack was doin that stuff me and her could do girly stuff!! Ha ha. So how many weeks ru now?
  • Im 28 weeks now just 12 left to go, I hope it goes fast but everyone says the last few months drag, I still cant believe there will be a baby at the end of it and that il be her mum ha ha its sooo weird. Thats all im worried about, that she will be healthy. Pauls just asked me to go out to watch the match tomorrow cause our cable box isnt working, we havent been out for ages il probly go but im a bit worried in case there is trouble. Il see how I feel tomorrow. How many weeks r u now??
  • im about 14 weeks i think.. I hate 2 say it but the last few weeks are horrible! all the novelty has wore off and u just want the baby 2b here already! ha ha ha.. it's well worth the wait at the end tho!! he he. Hope u have a nice time out!! It;s nice when u havent been out 4 ages.. If theres any trouble get out the way fast! But if u get off early enough b4 everyone's bladdered u shud be ok!!xx
  • Hi love... it's half time now and the atmosphere in this house is un bearable so ive come to the quiet of my computer room (soon 2b baby num 2's room)!! ha ha.. Ahh well u should have a gud time at the wedding they're always a laugh!! especially when people do the walking to the dancefloor dance!! ha ha ha ha soooo funny.. I kept r Jack awake all morning 2day so he'd sleep thru the match so we could watch it!! ha. He fell asleep at 12 and is still asleep now!! Ahh well! Ru all nervous about giving birth? Who's goin in wit u? My mum & Paul came in wit me but it's jus gonna be Paul this time. Me mum couldn't handle it!!
  • Hiya how r u? I went to the wedding on Sat it was ok an I went the pub with a couple of the girls last night cause it was my friends birthday, my mate was driving though so I wasnt the only one not drinking ha ha. Have you had a good wkend? I met Paul for a bit before I went to the wedding it wasnt too bad with it being nil nil. Im not to worried about the labour, I just hope it doesnt last ages I had a dream I was in labour last night, I fainted and my labour lasted about 2 days, and the baby still wasnt born when I woke up ha ha. Im just having Paul in with me. How did you find labour? Did you have pain relief?? xx
  • oooh I forgot to ask ya was ur scan today? How did it go? Hope everything is well x
  • hi love u'll never believe it im only 9 frikin wks!! ha ha dunno how that is!! So i gotta go bk in 3 weeks on 2nd March was gutted but she said everythin looks as it should at this stage. I just had gas &air an pethidine. It wasn't too bad but that's coz i was expecting 2 die!! Thought the pain would be worse than it atually was!! Ha ha Aren't dreams mad? I dreamed i had a little tiny boy the other night.. weird!! So how u feelin? Oh yeah my new due d8 8th Sept now which im made up with coz i won't be in labour in the height of summer like i was with Jack that was horrible!! XX
  • Iya hun, aar bet ya going mad, at least ya get to have an extra scan though, and as you sat it will be cooler when ur in labour. I havent been to bothered about labour I just keep thinkin it means im gonna meet my baby it will probly be torture now. I probly will faint ha ha. Iv got to go the midwife next Tuesday an shes doin my bloods I hate that I always nearly faint when I get needles ha ha. Your pregnancy should still go quick though youve got Jack to keep ya busy. Iv got loads to do in the house before the babys born im painting the living room this week and then I need to start the nursery so that should get me through the next few weeks. xx
  • ha ha i know it never ends does it?! I always look away when i get my blood done and start babbling on about somethin! Is ur house one of them massive terrace ones? If it is u'll have a hard time painting it! ha.. With labour i just kept thinkin it's just one little day out my life and then it's over!!! U doin anythijn this wkend? We're taking Jack the baths again. We took him 1st time on Sunday he loved it! I wana join like a aqua class where i can take Jack but nowhere by me does it
  • Yes my house is one of the terrace ones the ceilings are dead high and the rooms are massive, I still havent started on the painting though I will soon, im knackered all the time, Paul said im just being lazy but I really feel like all I wanna do is sleep. Im not doing nothing at the weekend I dont think, aww that will be nice going the baths with Jack hes dead good I was scared of the baths when I was little. How are you feeling have ya had any sickness or anything?
  • Yeah Jack's dinners knock me SICK!!! My aunty had 2 come over 2day 2 feed him 4 me!! I bork just looking at them. We was looking at houses round by urs a while ago coz we only rent here, is it quiet by u?
  • Aarr poor you, I have been lucky I didnt have any sickness. Hope ur sickness doesnt last too long. Yes its quiet by mine some parts of Anfield arent nice but by mine all the roads are nice and quiet, its our 1st house and its so expensive to buy now, we bought ours 12 months ago for ??70k and next door sold just before xmas for ??88k so it is worth buying for what ya pay out for rent. Im gonna go to college in September so I think we will be staying here until iv done college and uni. x
  • Hello love. Yeah my cousin lives not far from u as u know and they've lived there years and had no bother what so ever it's just scary moving somewhere u don't know anyone!! I dnt know anyone here like, but Pauls mum only lives round the corner so i feel a bit better. So anyway how u been feelin? I didn't have any sickness with Jack just this time! It's horrible! xx
  • Iya hun, ooh it could be a sign that your having a girl if ur pregnancy is different this time we'll soon see ha ha. I know what ya mean about moving where ya dnt know any one Pauls nan lives by us so its not too bad. Im feelin fine I wouldnt even know I was pregnant if it werent for my big belly and being tired all the time. x
  • ha ha i was exacctly the same with Jack. So wot u been up2 2day? I've just been doin same old poop. Paul's just giving Jack his night feed. He's cut 2 more teeth! He has 2 bottom ones already but he's cut his 2 little top fangs now! ha ha ha xx
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