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Double buggy

buggy pod what mothercare sells these went on site but they did not have them


  • You'll probably find one in a large mothercare but not sure if they sell them online as i haven't checked! i bought mine off Ebay so have a little look there. they also sell them in some catalogues. if you want a better look at one go to and check them out! good luck! xx
  • Personally i opted for the mothercare phoenix tandem pushchair. We were just out shopping with our 3 year old and 9 month old. We knew we were expecting our third and had to get a double pushchair eventually. It just so happened our 3 yr old got so tired that day that we decided to go and buy one there and then. We just went to test them out in mothercare and found the phoenix to be the best. it was only ??130, the back seat is raised so the little one can see over the big one's head which i really like. It is a bit longer than some of the posher ones but i like that cos you get a bigger shopping basket! It also turns really easily and doesnt weigh much at all.
    I think you can do too much research sometimes. just pop to the shops and have a whizz around with a few!!!!!!!!
  • hey mama milf there is a simalar age between our children when our new babys are due but do u mind me asking how old ur eldest one is i have one at 6 one at 15 months and am due on 2nd july how do you think u wil cope with the age gap
  • I have got a phil and ted and it has been brilliant. Bought it of They sell a lot of things free delivery.
  • hi lynn p, of course i dont mind you asking hun image there are almost 3 years between my two girls and there will be 20months between my youngest one and the new baby ....arrrrrgggghhh!!!! I found the age gap between my girls good as my eldest Caitlin was almost 3yrs when i had Phoebe so i didn't need a double pushchair as she was walking confidently. You will cope because your a woman! and we can do something called multi-tasking!!! I'm just wondering what it will be like to change two lots of nappies! xx
  • thats funny we have 2 girls each and due our 3rd whith an age gap of 20 months. freaky here do u have an email or msn add
  • yeah that is quite wierd! my e-mail is [email protected] i dont have msn as i dont know how to work it! do you know what your having yet? xx
  • no dnt know what we are having would like a boy i will add u to my msn and send u details how to set it up once u have set it up its easy hope your well
  • Thanks hun, hope your well too, speak soon x
  • hi how are u well 2day my little head is pickled warrens mum says i have to get a double buggy but warren wants a buggy pod cause they are cool what kind of buggy did u get to go with ur pod
  • I already had a micralite and i've still got to find a way to attach it properly! apparently it attaches really well to a mamas and papas pliko - which i also have, but haven't tried it on yet! I'm looking forward to giving it a proper run though as it does look really good when attached - which of course the dads like coz it does look cool! x
  • cool did u manage the msn thing so when are u due im 2nd july n not looking forward to it
  • no i think the pc will be too slow to run it ...nevermind! i'm due 16th may and just hoping things will go smoothly, would like a nice quick labour like i had with my second but as long as bubba is safe i'm not bothered! how 'bout you? xx
  • heya 16 may not long now my brothers gf is due on the tenth . have u sorted your buggy thing out . hope your well
  • hey hun.
    nope i haven't got around to sorting it out yet, it will probably be one of the last things i do ...been so disorganised recently! yep, this baby does seem to be creeping up on me! feeling bits of her all over my tummy now, i love it! hope your cool too. xx
  • hi yeh im fine thanks just really tired . its hard work with toddler and pregnancy im usually falling asleep when meg has her afternoon nap. how are u keeping
  • yeah i'm the same. i've been prescribed iron as my iron level is low so i've gotta take that ...hopefully i'll soon feel the benefits! if you feel you need to rest take advantage of those little afternoon naps your daughter takes, you may as well catch up on some sleep while she's grabbing 40winks. If you dont feel any improvement in the next week or so just mention it to your midwife. She may want to check your iron, as low iron levels can leave you feeling rough! hope you feel better soon, Emma xx
  • will do my little one sleeps for two hours during the day so i usualy find myself sleeping then. my iron was low with last two so will tell her at next app. hubby doing my head in playing music lol. weather is crap so cant even go out hope your well lynn xxx
  • Its ok i understand where your coming from about the old man doing your head in with music. mine plays guitar and he's off work with a bad back at the mo ....not a good combination! I went out for an hour earlier, - had to pick up some guitar strings for the old man ...what was i thinking!? but mainly to get some medicines for my little one as she has the erm, ...cacks and a bit of a temperature, and i bought in some shopping aswell ...wish i hadn't! weather is pants here too! take care, Emma xx
  • hey chick sent u an email
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