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  • No not at all. - they can just get you like that. Some people just have that knack of pissing you off without even saying much. I'm from Bedfordshire. I did work as a swimming teacher at my parents pool, but I had a mc in Nov, and haven't gone back to work since christmas. Trouble is it's a really hot pool as we have lots of babys and young children, and the kids are jumping all over you. i read in the paper a couple of weeks ago, that spending a long time in chlorinated water - i would be in all day - can have an affect on conception and birth defects. So that was that, I'm now officially a housewife. And so far enjoying it. What about you?
  • I' so far from being housewife image i am at wolverhampton uni studying finance and accounts, its nearly the end of my first year there, but i have to work part time to pay student fees (which are horrendous) I work part time for jobcentre in west bromwich. Boring really, i take maternity leave at 34 weeks, leaving it late into my pregnancy so i get more time with my baby when he is here. I'm taking a year out of uni i can still do my work at home though which is good. . My nearest town is wolverhampton or stafford. I live in little village called tettenhall wood (not even any street lights where i am) . Whats your due date? x x
  • jesus, not until 7th September, but that will probably change after my scan. I feel like i am knocking on a bit, so I'm enjoying being a housewife. Lots of my friends are stay at home mums so - so far I haven't got bored. It's awful though as I feel like I have to justify why I'm staying at home.
  • Not at all. My mom was always at home with me and my sister she didnt work until we were at high school and it was so nice, all my friends moms were at work. and im much closer2 my mom for it now im lost without her. So stay at home !!!
  • Because I've always worked you feel like you have to tell everybody why i'm not and make an excuse up! Anyway love I'm off to bed now, so i'll speak to you tomorrow xxx
  • Your baby is a good enough excuse!!! Goodnight (p.s invest in a body pillow for when you get bigger) x x
  • My DH and I knew we wanted a baby but with him at Uni and me having been fired from my job we didn't have a lot of money so we started buying baby items before we got pregnant whenever we saw a good deal on somthing on our list, we tried to get it - we had a travel system and cotbed and loads of other stuff before we got prgnant with our son.
    We also won a voucher booklet from pampers worth ??400 in ??5 vouchers so stocked up on the 2 packs for ??10 deals !!
    Looking for reusable nappies now and a different sling as old one was awful, for next baby (and not pregnant yet LOL)
  • forgot to say it was a good job as was sick as a dog for the first few months (was hospitalised for Xmas), and it meant I could enjoy at leisure the rest of my pregnancy whilst my prgnant friends ran around like mad women
  • Crikey - those old wives would of gone mental had they known. I think it's a lot of nonsence about not having in the house before you have the baby. What would you do if you were pregnant with the next would you burn all your old stuff - of course you wouldn't. My husband would chop my hands off i had bought anything big before, even now (we are only looking) he gets his knickers in a twist. xx
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