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its my 18th birthday today!!!

hey everyone, has anyone else had a birthday since they have been pregnant? im almost 31 weeks now with my first baby and because i wont be drinking anything on my 18th, im just going to go for a nice meal instead!! but i figure there will be plenty more birthdays to celebrate so i dont mind about the drink lol. just glad my little boy is healthy and that he will be here soon and i can celebrate his arrival. happy birthday to anyone who is due a birthday!
take care everyone, kim and blake the bump xxx


  • Just to say a very happy birthday (incidentally its also my cat Rufus birthday but he is only one!) Hope you have a great 'sober' day I was 16 weeks pregnant on my birthday and i did miss the alcohol a bit but your right its so good to know babe is ok. You will have to make up for it when you have had Blake, (love the name). Have a great day xx
  • Happy birthday hope you have a great day and a lovely meal. I was about 4 months when i had my birthday, i also missed not having a drink but you are spot on when you say that it is only one year. Hope you get spoilt rotten sharon xxxxx:\)
  • Have a great birthday! Haven't has a birthday whilst pregnant but on my birthday this year I'll be 37/38 weeks pregnant so no drinking for me either hehe. Have a nice day xxx
  • thank you very much everyone!! i will make the most of my 'sober' day, god that makes me sound like a complete alcoholic LOL, never mind if you cant laugh at yourself then its no fun xxxxx
  • Just have some nice lemonade lol xxx
  • happy birthday!!!!!
  • happy birthday kimmi...hope you have a lovely time. xx
  • Happy Birthday Kimmi. I think if u have ur B'day while pregnant they sjould let u go to the maternity ward and party there with a couple of tanks of gas and air, would be only fair. Have a good one.
  • Happy birthday chick hope you have a nice one. yeh im going to be preg on my 21 st so hubby and i are just going for a meal too i wanted to go bowling but hubby laughed and said i would end up rolling down the lane hehe
  • thanx everyone, i had a lovely day. the restaurant i went to turned all the lights off and sang happy birthday to me when they brought my dessert - they even put a candle in the top lol. hehe the bowling thing sounds hilarious!! and i agree with the gas n air party in the maternity ward - better than any drink you can buy! xxxxxxx
  • glad you had a good birthday i got mine in april i'm going to be 37 weeks so won't be partying too much but then again by that point i'd probably try anything to make me give birth (if mrs is anything to go by) any sign yet mrs if not good luck on monday
  • hope you had a great birthday.I was pregnant on my 18th with my first,i think i was 30 weeks,it was 5 years ago now! I just made up for it on my its my birthday on friday I'll have a drink for you.I had my LO 6 weeks ago so i'm having a night off to let my hair down before my 3 lil darlings turn me
  • Happy 18th Kimmi.............I remember being 18 once upon a time........Good god was it that long ago lol
  • happy birthday hun, glad you had a good one hope oh spoilt you rotten, my wee man was 17 days old when i had my birthday so had a sober 1. think im to old for partying now anyway at 34, OMG im old lol. :\?
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