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maternity ward

Does anyone ever watch Maternity ward on Living Tv 2? I've just started watching it.....i'm hooked but i think if this was my first it would scare the life out of me & i'd probably shove a cork in there to stop the baby coming out lol


  • Yeah its good eh, there's a few on there tho, babies: special delivery is another. There must be at least half a dozen on and off. I like the ones on Discovery home&health too...useless at minute tho - i can't remember any more names of any!!
  • I watched maternity ward this morning and there was a woman that was giving birth to her 15th baby....................15????????? you'd think they'd drop out in seconds but after 20 hours they had to do a c section on her...........i reckon she must love the practising ;\)
  • haha i watched the one where the woman was having her 15th!! god she must be mad - or have the patience of a saint lol. im due with my 1st on april 30th but luckily the programme doesnt frighten me, i just see it as being as prepared as possible! plus im planning on having him at home so hopefully i wont have to worry about c-sections etc!
  • I watched it this morning for the first time and OMG!! The screaming!!! This isn't even my first baby lol i just never seen anything like it in my life...!!
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