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Has anyone heard from honeymummy3??

Getting worried as it's been a while......:\?


  • im here !!!!!! have you missed me?? our broardband was down and the sky so ive been trying to entertain 2 pissed off kids . im sorry to have worried you but im back with a vengence :lol: so everyone how is it all going ????
  • Hey honeymumy3, everything is going a lot better now you have posted. we were worried this is the second post that has gone up about you, and very glad to hear that your ok. Did the m/w say nething about the show?? xx
  • There you are!! the last post I read from you, you were worried bout your show, going to hospital and didn't see you again!!!! Glad everything is ok and yes we all missed you!! Right thats it, next time someone internet goes down...GO TO THE LIBRARY AND USE THEIR NET! LOL!! LOL!! Jusr glad you're ok and back with us to do some serious moanin and groanin!! LOL!! xxx xxx
  • yes it was a show and my cervix is slightly open so im to take it easy :roll: but how to take it easy with 2 kids i dont know ???????????
  • Ahh bless ya, glad you and bump are all ok. I know what you mean about restin with kids about!! Hope all keeps well. take care xxx
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