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anyone watch this morning today?

they were talking about a head mistress that had banned making mothers day cards cause some of the children dont have mums , i think this is a bit harsh couldnt the children make a card for someone special instead.also another head had banned skipping ropes incase the kids use them to comit suicide , am i the only one that thinks this is madness. i can understand it if it was cause children were getting hurt , hit by them . but using suicide as a excuse . has the world gone mad.


  • We have skipping ropes at our school and as yet none of the children have committed suicide! What a ridiculous thing to say, surely the children should be allowed to play with them as long as it's supervised play (which it is). As to the issue with mother's day cards, our children are allowed to make a card for someone special as we are a school where many pupils don't come from a nuclear family. I think these head teachers are just playing safe but at what detriment to their pupils? :\?
  • Yes the world has gone mad. I was pissed off when they banned Tom and Jerry because of it's violent content. What twoddle!! For god sake suicide using a skipping rope!!

    If a child that young is contemplating suicide or would even know how to kill themselves using a skipping rope then where the hell are they learning it from???

    Also most schools nowadays the kids can't even put on an xmas nativity because of religious reasons and it may offend the other children.....Children of primary age do not even have the intelligence to be putting up a protest on subjects such as these as those particular neural networks haven't even developed in their brains yet so I don't know what the hell they are going about.

  • Have just re-read my rant and am now just laughing at myself - I get so het up that I'm gonna explode!

    Hehe!! Am seriously thinking of home-schooling though.....
  • I would love to do that for my child but need to go back and teach other people's children as I need the money!!
  • when my kids make mothers day cards, they just say happy mothers day, they aren't addressed to anyone in perticular, which widens it abit. so even if granny is bringing them up it still counts for something. just to say thanks for everything you do. it's rediculous that the school has done that really, when schools have been doing it for years and years any way why stop a tradition now, as a mum i expect the my kids to come home from school with some kind of card or home made gift, it means alot.xx
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