The road, the pavement or down a pit shaft??

Right, I need another rant! I was waiting in traffic at the lights to turn left when I spotted an old gimmer on his motorised scooter waiting to cross the road I was going to turn into. He waited til the lights turned green and I turned left and THEN he decides to pull out in front of me!! :roll: I had to brake pretty hard but because I'd only just set off I wasn't going that fast. I swear if i'd have had to slam on and my seat belt would have dug into my huge bump I would have got out and give him a right mouthful. Pillock. :x

Anyone else had a run in with these bloody scooters?? They really are a pain on the roads and downright dangerous sometimes. On the other hand tho, how come our kids are not legally allowed to ride their bikes on the pavements but these old farts can hurtle along the pavements and precincts when there's toddlers around and babies in pushchairs? It really gets my goat (as you can tell! image )

Anyone know where they belong??


  • i know what you mean. when ever i go out with my double pushchair i always bump into an old biddy on a scooter and they never pull to the side , it's always me and they never even say thank you!!!!! next time i'm going to play chicken with them to see who pulls over first!!!!! lol.
  • Never encountered an old person on a scooter but old people driving is another thing althogether!!! They don't know how to stick to a speed limit at all! 20 in 30/40 and 30 in a 60!! THEN they look at you to say you're in the wrong!! And when they pull out in front of you...grrrr
  • I am so glad you posted this! Just got back from town, I'm walking down the pedestrianised high street and this old biddy on a scooter was going so fast down the street, I literally had to dive out of the way, so I watched her go into Woolies and followed her in (she walked in so didn't really need a scooter, our town centre only has about 3 shops!) anyway, had a showdown with her next to the pick and mix and she starts ranting about teen mums (I'm nearly 30!), so I told her that proved there was something wrong with her eyes! I said if she ever endangers my baby again I was gonna push her off it. I then went and complained to the shop-mobility place, and they don't even have any test or anything before someone can hire one! I'm still fuming about it as you can guess! Don't think I'll be going in Woolies for a while either!x
  • Playing chicken, ha ha i love it, it could become a spectator sport!

    Don't get me started on the way they drive as well, i could write a book!

    Cheeky cow! I'm glad someone has made a stand about them. You have to have a blue badge to park on a certain bit of tarmac for gods sake but no-one asks questions when some demented old biddy wants to hire a scooter! How come when they're on a scooter it's the only time they don't dither as well?! Ooh got to get to Woolies before all the sherbert lemons go.....
  • i don't think it's fair when people hire them and don't need them but as far as the pavement are concerned they are not actually allowed on the road unless it's the big ones with indecators, my grandad has one of these little scooters because he can't walk very far and he is too proud to use a wheel chair it's all about trying to keep some independence but saying that my little girl nearly got knocked over by some demented woman who wasn't watching where she was going on one earlier today and it wasn't even that she couldn't see her she was holding my husband's hand and he's not exactly small!!!!.....anita xx
  • When people get to a certain age they should all be sent away somewhere to just be quiet!
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