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working while pregnant with twins

i am 16 weeks pregnant with twins, and i work nights as a senior carer in a res home, i am finding it very hard as i get so tired, and there is only 2 of us on that look after 23 residents, and alot of them do need alot of care, i feel like i am putting on the other staff as there has became things i cant do. i spoke to my boss afew weeks ago and there isn't anything else he can offer me, i dont know what to do as i dont want to just leave. but nights just dont suit me anymore, as when im tired i get very moddy and tearfull, not sure how much more my husband can take,as i take it out on him and dont mean to. would be very greatfull for any advice. thank you, sonia.:\)


  • Hey I suffered really badly thru out my twin pregnancy and was finally signed off completely when i was 24 weeks. tbh i really dont think i cld have coped if i continued working, even when i was off i was absolutly shattered and towards the end of my pregnancy i was sleeping about 16 hours a day. i took iron tablets which helped a bit so mite be worth having your bloods checked for anemia. good luck
  • Hi doublebubble

    I'm writing a feature for Prima Baby and am looking for some quotes on twins from mums of twins. All the info for this is in the announcements section on the forum. If you have any spare time (bet you've forgotten what that is since the twins came along?!) and would like to give me a quote about twins, please contact me on [email protected]

    Thank you!

    Lisa P
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