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its twin girls............

hi every1 my sister in law had twin girls on the 12th feb just thought i would share it im soooo excited ..that excited you would nearly think it was me having them image


  • Hi Limefizz

    Hope everything is going well for your sister and her twin girls!

    I'm a writer for Prima Baby magazine and am reading through twins posts to see whether anyone with twins between the ages of around 2 months to a year, would be happy to give me a quote for our Whole New World feature for the June issue.

    We have some beautiful shots of 3 month old twins and are looking for some real life 'mums of twins' quotes that we could add to the feature. I am looking for mums' quotes on things such as: celebrating the difference of their twins - ie, It's amazing how identical my girls look, yet I knew from the moment they were born Charlotte would be the more headstrong and determined, while Lori is gentle and sensitive. They couldn't be more different and I love them both to pieces!!

    Marvelling at the way they are so close/seem to have a special bond.

    The way they have changed your life completely

    People calling them double trouble but to you they are only a double blessing..

    How you could spend all day just watching the way they act

    etc.....It's all about how you feel about your twins basically - and any emotional, heartfelt, funny, interesting 'real' quotes from real life mums of twins would be much appreciated!!!!

    Thank you!!


    You can contact me on [email protected]
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