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young single mums

any young singles mums out there? my partner and i have just split uo so could do with some advice


  • Hiya, im kath from nr liverpool. i have a 2yr old little girl an split up with her dad last may after 7yrs!! its been very hard! where are you from???
  • i live near london. i have two boys, one is 3 yrs, the other is 9 months. their dad moved out a couple of weeks ago. how did you cope with the split with a young child? i find myself snapping and shouting at my older child when he's not really done that much wrong, i really don't want to take this out on them
  • I know everyone probably keeps tellin you this but it does get easier. It obviously wasnt as tough for me as i only had the 1, but it wasnt a friendly split and i missed my daughters dad alot. i cried all the time and snapped alot. i just tried to get stuck into things like housework and the garden..haha. im only just getting over the split but at the end of the day hes missing out as i have a beautiful girl who im going to raise the best i can. i dont know the situation why you and your bf split but if he has left you to raise the kids alone your better off without him. i also put my daughter in nursery for 1 afternoon a week and went swimming. i found that helped alot as it helped me to relax!! i tried doing things with her aswell alot, and i know this sounds cheesy, but whenever shed laugh or smile at me i knew she was the only thing that mattered!!!
    hope i have helped you out a little x
  • hi my name is jemma i am from liverpool and i am 19yrs old i have just found out that i am 5 weeks pregnant i am looking forward to being a mum and my partener is happy
  • Hi.
    I have recently split with my partner after 4 years. We have a 7 month old son!
    I feel the same as you! I feel that i will never get over it right now but i know that things will get easier and i have my son to concentrate on!
    Life is a struggle but i have alot of support from friends and family.
    Im just happy that the summer is coming and we will be able to get out more and have some fun
  • I found out the other day that he's seeing someone already. It's so hard for me to move on when I'm stuck at home doing the same things I did when we were together in the same place just without him. I feel trapped at home, I don't drive so going out is a struggle and takes ages due to public transport. My maternity leave ends next month but I don't think I can afford the childcare on my own for me to go back to work. I don't have much in the way of support either, I go days without any adult communication whatsoever!! I'm going on a bit now aren't I?! Soz
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