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False Starts

Thanks Guys, had my forty week appt in the hospital today, had a sweep so fingers crossed that it will start something soon.


  • Hi,

    I have spent the wekend in a state of anticipation having started with some discomfort on Friday night with contractions coming every half hour, these then eased off about 4am and I managed to get some sleep. Twinges continued through Saturday and started in earnest about half six on Saturday night, contractions coming every 6-8 minutes for about four hours. Got my Tens machine hooked up and phoned the labour ward and went for a walk with OH, then again the whole thing stopped, REALLY frustrating!!!.
    I am due on Tuesday the 27th of March and am fed up with this stop, start, ready to meet our little one now.

  • Try and think each stopping and starting has done some of the work ready for labour day!!!! Good luck xxx
  • I've had the same thing and I was so disappointed i was gutted for about 3 days afterwards :cry: . I put a post on pregnancy about this so I won't bore you again but i didn't get as far as you, bet u were well peeved.

    I never thought to look at it like that SAMF but i think you're right, that's cheered me up ;\) . The next time it all starts CH i bet you'll think, "oh it'll all amount to nothing", and sit back and relax but at least you'll be chilled out and it might make your labour a bit easier when u realise the contractions aren't going to go away, that's the theory anyway!!! I don't take any notice of my b hicks anymore image
  • Hi CH, hope you're feeling ok and that your sweep has worked. Good luck xxxx
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