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Last Morning of Work

Well ladies, the time has finally come, I finish up at 12.15pm today. I've been looking forward to it for so long I can't believe its here now. Just 4 weeks until due date, don't know what I'm going to do with my time but I'm sure I'll find something.
Anyone else finishing up today? :\)


  • Snap! It's my last day today as well. I've got 5 weeks until my due date. I wasn't supposed to be finishing until next week but I've been in so much pain with my SPD that I needed the time just to rest so I've brought the date forward.

    Don't know about you, but I'm getting really scared now. My due date has always been something in the future which has taken an age to get to and suddenly it's appearing out of nowhere. Finishing work has finally hit home that I'm actually having a baby and it has to come out! image
  • I am very scared about due date approaching FAST!!!! I'm so scared about the birth but then I think of all the other woman that have gone through it and no matter what I need to go through it too.
    Looking forward to the rest though.
    When you due?
  • good luck to you all. i have 3 weeks til i leave my job. it can't come quick enough!!!!
    have a well deserved rest before the hard work starts.
    good luck.xx
  • Baby is due 5 May. No matter how scared I am about the birth, it can't be that bad if some people go on to have two or three. This is my first and I think it's the fear of the unknown.
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