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missing my daughter

My daughter is 11 weeks old and we are going down to visit my husband's family for Easter, and I am dreading it because I know he is going to suggest leaving her with his parents for a few hours while we go out on our own. I don't particularly trust his parents with her anyway as they have some very old fashioned ideas about parenting that aren't very safe, but I am also finding it very difficult to be apart from her for any length of time. Do I sound unreasonable? - has anyone else felt like this? (she is my 1st child).



  • i didnt leave my daughter with anyone till she was 6 months old and then that was my mum who owns her own childcare buisness, she is your most precious little thing ever why would you want to leave her! talk to your husband and explain you are not ready for this
  • I let MY mum take my lo out for long walks from birth so that I could sleep while they were out, but there is no way I would have left her with anyone else. I still wouldn't and she is 7 months now (good job I don't have to go back to work :lol: ) If you aren't comfortable then don't do it, I'm sure your husband will understand. By the way, welcome to the site!
  • I know exactly how you feel but it does get easier, the only person i will leave my LO with is my OH and my mum but the other day i had to return to work and my OH took my LO to his mums as he had the day off work. When they got back he informed he had gone to see some friends and left my LO with my MIL for a couple of hours. I didn't know how to feel about this as i love his mum but she has different ideas about how to treat Eden. She is 6 months though!!
  • Hi

    I wouldnt leave my daughters or son with anyone till they 6 months old. Luckly my mum lives local to me so she has them if we need to pop out or when i'm at work.

    Discuss how you feel with your husband. or if he still wants to go out. Try put baby down to sleep first. That if little one goes down okay. give parents strick instructions to call you if baby wakes. Or what ever bedtime waking routine you have.

    Good luck..
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