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hi, i have suffered from depression for a while now and stopped taking my medication as soon as i found out i was pregnant. i could have started it again after 12weeks but decided against it as i want to breast feed. i am now 29+4 and starting to feel really low again. just wondering if any1 was in same boat as would love to speak to someone who understands depression + pregnancy. Thanks, Holly.xx:cry:


  • Hi Holly, im not pretending to understand how you feel. I cant imagine being pregnant & depressed. But i have suffered with it in the past & sought councilling, i always refused the drugs they always seem to throw at you as i think they dont help & i feel ppl tend to think they work because they believe so much that will work.

    I think a good councillor is the best road you can take & if you dont like your councillor you are welcome to ask for another one as you do not feel the current one is helping you.

    I always found it easier talking to a stranger as i thought they couldnt judge me, councillor's arent there to judge, just there to help you see the lighter side & realise there is always a solution to 'fix' how you are feeling.

    Best of luck. Tess*
  • Hiya

    I was on anti-depressants for years and only just came off them, after gradually reducing them, just before I found out I was pregnant. I am now 15 weeks.

    I had an appointment with my local Mother and Baby Mental Health Unit, who look after mums at all stages of pregnancy and motherhood, who suffer with depression. They can put you on medication, as there are several antidepressants which have been used for years in pregnant women, with no problems for the baby.

    I have to say I have had some periods (few weeks) where I have really struggled - crying lots, seeing nothing positive about present or the future, and feeling really low. I have found that continuing to work helped me quite a bit - initially I was off work for 6 weeks with nausea, and got really low during that time.

    I don't think there is anything wrong with asking your doctor for help and/or medication - if necessary I am prepared to beg the doctor for help if my depression really starts back again.

    Sorry I cant offer much experience or advice, as I am learning as I go!

    I hope you get through it all ok, and just remember that you are most definately NOT alone. There are lots of us out there.

    Oh, another thing I had though might help was to try and find a local support group, or something similar, for mums with depression. Try asking your midwife.

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