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Can someone help with some advice

I have just joined this site and am so hapy to see so many of you also suffer from SPD (don't mean that like i sounds!!) I am 30 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and didn't suffer with SPD with my son so I didn't know what was wrong with me, nearly 2 months ago I was isssued with a tubi grip and crutches and am doing pelvic floor excercies, but my god it is so painful, do any of you know if I could opt for a c section rather than a natural birth, and does anyone else have to use a wheelchair as this is what they are threatening me with.:\?


  • Hi,

    I don't have SPD myself, but there are quite a few people on here who do. One of the ladies I talk to quite a lot has been suffering quite badly and she has crutches and a support belt, and I think she has been recommended by her doctor or midwife for a c-section as her knees can't be spread more than 23cm apart or something. I would advise talking to your midwife or doctor to see what they recommend. Good luck x x x
  • Hi Nat! U poor thing but I know what you mean about being pleased to see so many other sufferers. Before I looked on here I was starting to think I was the only one in the universe with spd! I asked my midwife about a section and she said I should still have a natural birth as the recovery would be quicker. It's my third baby so I think the midwife's expecting baby to just pop out of me....I only hope she's right! It's so scary isn't it? This is definitely my last pregnancy as I can't even think about suffering like this again!
  • What are the symptoms of spd?
  • Hi K8

    Mine started with aching in my lower regions, and only in the evening. It got to the stage that I spoke to my midwife even though I thought it was the way the baby was laying, she sent me straight to physio and a consultant who all agreed I had this SPD, never even heard of it before then. Let me know what happens with you, got loads of advice now!!!
  • Just want to say thanks for all your responses, I am now 33 weeks pregnant and yes natural delivery is best although I have to be induced by having a sweep at 38 weeks as it is now complete bed rest!!! Which is very difficult with a 2 year old!!:roll:
    Just remember is you have SPD its worth finding out about disability living allowance and disabled parking!!!
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