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Baby carrier

:\)hey can you tell me which one is the best baby carrier? I heard ergo baby is really good, has anyone use it yet or thnking of buying it?
thank you image

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  • hiya,

    very good question and one I'm facing now too!
    I keep hearing very good reviews of 3 slings - 'freedom slings', 'Kari-me' and 'huggababy'.

    I think with all of these you can change the baby's position so that it suits both a new born and an older baby and I think they are all quite good for your back.

    I found a shop near by (BORN) and they actually sell all of these slings so am thinking of popping over there at the weekend to try them on to see which one feels best.

    If you find the answer of what is best - please let us know!!!

    ;\) einav
  • I haven't tried either of the other 2 but I have a freedom sling and it is fantastic! They actually sell several different types of sling, the one I have is a padded one. It is basically just a huge piece of strong cotton fabric with 2 rings at each end, because of this it folds down small so it is easy to carry. You can use it right from birth as you can put lo flat in it, my lo is now 7 months and I use it to carry her on my hip,it is much more comfortable than the more modern style carriers (tomy. baby boijn etc).The one I have has padded bits on the side to make it more comfortable for the baby if you use it to breast feed. I have had a quick look at the two other slings you mentioned on the internet einav and I would say the freedom is the best option. The kari-me looks more complicated to use which makes things hard with a wriggly baby and the huggababy looks exactly the same as the freedom but nearly twice the price! (??39 instead of ??25)

    Hope this helps
  • i agree with bedhed. i have two freedom slings, they are great value for money and easy yo use, i boyght mine thru ebay
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