YAY, they are freeing the british sailors!!!

ABOUT TIME!!! Thats made me feel happier anyway x x x
:\) Loads of love, Sophia x x x


  • good im so happy for ya
  • Where did you here that Sophia? x
  • Yeah! common sense prevails at last! Their families must be delighted.
  • On news everywhere! Its about time just get em out of there asap now and back to uk where they belong image
  • why were they there in the first place...????????
  • I think they go where they are sent, not sure how much choice they have.
  • they werent even in iranian waters!! its just any excuse to start conflict with the uk and put more pressure on the forces whether they are navy, raf, army.
  • Lol.. I havent really been watching the news. I did know they were there. But have bene really busy and hadnt found out why they were actually. I had heard from other people that they were there for no reason to cause trouble, and also heard what you said they go where their sent. So didnt know.
  • No they didnt even enter iranian waters so i have no idea why this has all started as long as they are safe and coming home thats all that matters!
    I dont watch news much but my uncle and cousins are in navy and based in plymouth so they tell me everything about it, then my fiance (in the army) telling me everything whats going on in iraq. Im like the forces news reader i tell ya!
  • Lol.. okay... next time I need some army info or info on iraq and iran I'll ask u..
  • Ok!! How many weeks are you? Im 36 today and getting real bad cramps its awful but i cant wait to have my baby, had my mw appointment today my baby has turned position now his back is finally facing my tummy! about time, he will prob move again though!
  • Lol.. I wish I was that far.. Im only 12 weeks.... Im happy the bubs has turned, Hopefully hell stay that way. xo
  • I hope so!! just hope he waits until his due day of slightly after to arrive because i want his dad to be there!
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