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Terry nappies.

Hi. Are there any mums out there usimg or have used terry nappies.

I am definately goin to use washable nappies and have looked into all the different brands of nappies out there. I am now considering using terry nappies until baby is big enough for me to only buy one size of shaped nappy.

How hard did you find it to learn to fold the nappy and to be able to change it easily and effectively.

Thanx Samantha x


  • I think that using the terries is a great idea. We bought birth to potty shaped nappies and lo won't wear them as they are too bulky! They are currently in the loft waiting for her to get bigger as I can't bear to give up on them altogether. Have you considered using prefolds? As far as I know these are similar to terries but easier as they are part folded. Kerry xx
  • Yes I have but the cost! I think that I want to try terries at least until baby is big enough to just buy one size of nappy. I was thinking of using bambino mio on her as a newborn(not when she's older cos they can slip and leak apparantly).But thinking about it I will probably need more than pack of 12 so that will be ??90 . The cost isn't worth it! x
  • Thats true, terries are definately the cost effective answer. I forgot before but have a look at Easypeasy bumbles for your shaped nappy. They are cheaper than some and have a removable booster. If you take the booster out you can fold them into themselves to make a smaller nappy so you can use them earlier. We really liked them and were using them with no probs until we had a weeks holiday and had to use disposibles, lo wouldn't wear the cloth after that, little tinker! :lol:
  • The nappy lady has recommended those but I have to start with the bimbles or something. I dont understand. Anyway if I get what they suggest I am looking at nearly ??300. I was planning on spending ??250. I have information coming to me in the post and email about folding terries so I'll have a look at that. Thanxs bedhead. I remember your story about the holiday. You helped me b4 on this subject x
  • The bimbles are like small bumbles, we bought some and they are less bulky but if you use the terries you won't need them.
  • So has anyone else used or are using terry nappies and how did you find them? x
  • I have looked at diff folds and I can do some of them. Am thinking of using shaped nappies later on and terries through the night. that way don't need so many. My council don't subsidise but there is a charity being set up at the mo. It's not just that it means leaving decision about shaped nappies till my babies born with no pressure cos will have the terries. Cos it is an expensive mistake to make. How have you found clothes fitting over your babies nappy?
  • Hiya, my mum bought our nappy system for us at the Baby Show. We have gone for the One Life ones, where you can use the same size from birth to toddler. (They just fold dfferently). They look really good to me, but then I've never changed a nappy, so what would I know! Lol. They have a web site: I think they cost about ??300 for the hamper set though. (whick was ok as my parents were paying!)
  • I have seen them and they look great! The way I see it is it will be about ??60 for the terries. Going to get 12 small ones and 12 big ones. 40cmx40cm and 60cmx60. I have seen a fold which lets you make the large ones ok for a new born as it spreads the bulk evenly. Use the small ones in the day and big ones at night. I want to do this till baby moves about more.
    Then I plan on getting a couple of sample nappies in the bigger side test them out and get about six of the ones I like. I will have drying probs in the winter you see. I love the motherease ones too. I was very adverse to the idea of terry nappies till yesterday morning cos I can't fold But now I feel more confident. The smaller terries I can use for extra absorbancy inside the large ones.
  • I have heard that too about muslins and am waiting to find out more about that!
  • I bought the starter terry set from mothercare. I must confess I haven't got round to using them yet, but am planning to start soon now that i'm getting into the swing of things. Will let you know how I get on.... and if all else fails, i've heard that the terrys make great tea towels! xx
  • I bought the starter set from Mothercare too. Although the nappies are all one size you can fold them differently as your baby grows. AND it was only ??30!!! I don't see the point really in shaped ones and spending hundreds on them. Saying that, I probably will once my baby is born LOL
  • bumgenius look like the best to me, i meet a women who worked for the natural baby(and who has 2 babies under 2 in cloth nappies) resource and she went through alll the different types and the pre fold look like the best they work out as 325 euro for 15 which is the same a girll in work has paid in the first 6 months for disposables. one size grows with the baby. i'm definatly going to try but still going to use disposables for night time and when baby is wearing a cute outfit image
  • There are different folds for terries so you can minimise the bulk. My eldest used to scream his head off if I tried anything other than old fashioned terries or disposables. I'm being given some motherease ones this time - well used but will do for day time wear, so will probably supplement these with some onelife ones and use disposables occasionally as well.
  • AArgh. Daska my pc wont let me see your post on this and I am interested as I saw as I entered (latest member chat bit) you was saying something about folds. Maybe I will be able to readit later!! x
  • Shaped ones are faster, won't dispute that, you just stick a booster in and away you go. Terrys you have to spend time folding - but you can to this when you put them away so they're ready to go when needed. 2 doz should get you through one baby, if you're planning more than one then get at least 3 doz if you can afford - otherwise the initial 2 doz will be threadbare by the time no.2 gets to use them and you'll have to buy more anyway!
  • hey, where'd my post go, came back to put on a link to a page that demonstrates different folds and it's not here!!!! link is and summary of missing post: shaped are faster but you can fold terries as you put them away, get at least 2 dozen, 3 if you're planning more than one child.
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