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life is mad

god i take it all back! after moaning and crying for best part of 12 wks after finding out i'm pregnant yet agen, i finely started to look forward to it this week only to wake up and find out i'm bleeding!! hospital can't help me today coz they r short of staff, so i have to wait til tomoz to have scan and find out wot is happening!!! i knw ive lost it coz its just to much blood but i dnt ave any pains at moment. life is mad, just wish i wasn't so unhappy about pregancy in the begin


  • oh ezzie i so hope your wrong and not losing it i am sorry you were not happy about being pregnant and i pray you will be ok if the worst happens please dont blame yourself but a lot of people bleed during pregnancy i hope you are ok love anita x x x
  • I hope you are wrong as well ezzie, like anita says people do bleed and go on to have healthy babies so try not to thing the worst until you know what is happening. Thinking of you Kery xx
  • Hi ezzie, like the others have said I hope you are wrong. To let you know I had alot of bleeding at the start of my last pregnancy and it wasn't from the baby, it was from my cervix, as I had a cervical erosion, and now have a 5 month ols son. Please let us know what happens, and I'm thinking of you.xx
  • Just wondering how you are, thoughts are with you, and fingers are crossed x
  • Hi ezzie. So sorry to hear what is happening with you. I really pray that everything is alright. Please do let us know one way or the other. There are a lot of supportive people here who are very good listeners too. Fingers crossed that everything is alright with you. Take good care, love bluebird xxxx
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