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Changing Mat

Hey girls, I am looking for a changing mat for my boy. I don't want to buy from Mamas& Papas, as I already spent a lot in there. Something inexpensive but the same time smart looking! If you let me know that would be great.. I am due 2nd June- not long to goimage))))))))))
Thank you all


  • I bought mine from Ikea, it is plain white with inflateable sides (sounds weird but they are higher than usual so harder for baby to roll off). It was about ??2. We also bought a load of plain white towels to line it for about ??1 each. It looks smart but it was cheap and easy to wash towels when unspeakable things happened to them.
  • I have the blow up Ikea one too, they do a big pack of flannels that are great too.x
  • We have the flannels as well!! They get used for everything, even used them for drying my stitches coz midwife said to use a clean towel every time!
  • i got a plain baby blue mat from mother care for 4 pounds. Figure it will fit in with the decor of the babies room when we get round to it.
  • My lo is now 9 months and we have recently changed our mat from a standard padded changemat to a "wedge shaped" one from Mothercare. You can buy towelling covers for it too which are fitted so they don't slide off. Its a bit more expensive but worth it in the long run when they get older & extra wriggly! Towels, muslins etc etc just don't stay put otherwise, and the plastic is a bit cold without anything!
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