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Water to Soothe

Just a quick question when do you give babies cooled boiled water to soothe them is it when they have wind? Does anyone no how much to give them? Does it affect their feeding routine?


  • hi sw, i give it if wee man is constipated but used to give some to my daughter when she had bad wind, she was bad with colic so gave her a bit between bottles sometimes it would work, not sure how much though i cant get mine to take any at all, especially now its getting warmer give baby some water. hope that helps a bit.
  • Cheers Chucky...He was pulling his legs up early this morning n looked like he was straining n thought that was what he might need.. He looked at me as if to say eugh!! wots that ur giving me mammy... Hee Hee... But it seemed to do the trick...
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