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Baby noises...are they normal??

Hi ladies, just a bit of advice needed please.
My baby girl is 3 weeks old, however we've only had her home for 1 week as she was born 6 weeks premature and she had to spend the first 2 weeks in a Special Care Baby Unit as she couldn't feed and had to be tubefed. I've noticed that when she is asleep in her moses basket she seems to stretch a lot and make a grunting noise when she stretches. Does anyone elses baby make these noises or any other noises for that matter? i can't remember her making these noises when she was in hospital. I'm probably being neurotic but i feel extra protective over her with her being born early.

Thanks for any replies.



  • my wee man made noises all the time, kept me awake all night with it, does she have a wee touch of wind, thats what it was with him most of the time, i think you notice it more when you go home, as its quieter and your probably feeling a little bit anxious in the 1st few weeks, if it really concerns you talk to you hv. take care.
  • Hi my baby is 11 days old now and he never stops making grunting noises when hes asleep. Keeps me awake even when hes asleep. Hes even noisier than my hubbys snoring! lol
  • My little one has never been that noisy but my niece is awful! She used to grunt and wriggle constantly, sometimes so much she woke her self up!
  • My daughter was in neo natal and did'nt make a sound until we got home, then we also had strange grunts! - its ok, just you baby trying out new sounds etc xxx
  • oh yes my little one is funny with all the noises he makes when asleep.
  • Thanks ladies for your replies, you've put my mind at rest.

    xx :\)
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