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middle name help!!!

hi everyone, i have a problem.... we have decided to call our little boy Ethan, but cant think of a nice middle name to go with it! i only have 22 days left and i just cant think of any middle names! and my oh is being a prat about it, the other night he was going through all the names from lord of the rings!! idiot! any suggestions???? xx


  • i like lord of the rings names!! (Gimli/Theoden/ kidding) I will have a more serious think...
  • Hi it depend on what your last name is too, will need to go with both! we've been arguing over the middle name too, we are calling our little boy Noah, and i want his middle name to be Lee, after his dad, but my oh wants it to Paul after his dad. everyone i've asked thinks Noah Lee is better than Noah Paul, any way back to your question, Ethan was on my list and i had a middle name to go with it but i can't remember it now, what about Ethan Daniel?? Emxx
  • yummy_mummy my baby names book is awful, but ive thought of a few... Ethan-Daniel/Ethan-Roman /Ethan-Joshua/Ethan-Kyle/Ethan-Tyler...I dont even know if any of these go, but its a start...
  • i dont really want a name that is already in the family, and there is a daniel, joshua, tyler and kyle already!! last name is cassin if that helps! im so stuck!! was thinking about Ethan thomas, but the name hasnt really grown on me! xx
  • quite like Ethan Jack too?? Em xx
  • Ethan James? Ethan Lee? Ethan Jake? xx
  • Ethan-James goes well....Ethan-Joel?
  • Ethan Joe too!
  • I wouldnt worry in england and wales you have 6 weeks after the birth to register the baby so it gives you extra time to think. At least the little fella has a first name you can call him till then. We didnt think of our sons name until my due date we didnt have a clue about a middle name, luckily i went overdue, Unfortunatly my oh nan died when i was a week over due and we gave him her name as a middle name (francis) so it was sorted but i know you start to panic. But dont image
  • Ethan Riley Cassin?? Em xx
  • When we had our first daughter, she was going to be an ethan. We thought Ethan Thomas went quite nicely?
    Depends if your last name puts you off it though- initials would be ETC! I still like it though.
  • What about thinking of some names of your family... ike your dad's and partners dad's name or grandparents.... Ethan Thomas does sound nice though!!! Amirah xo
  • Ethan Nathan lol
  • I told everyone that if I had a girl i was going to call it Mia Leah Cavaliere. nobody got it - but i thought it was funny.
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