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is it chicken pox ?

on sunday my 4yr old had a flat red spot on her arm, as the day went on it went a funny yellow colour like a
blister and then scabbed. the next day she had 2 more of these so i took her to nursery and asked what they thought. the staff seemed to think it could be chicken pox so i took her to the gp. the gp said he was 90% sure it was chicken pox so i took her home.
now she has had one spot in her hair and what looks like two on her leg and thats it, she is well she is not scratching no fever nothing and im beginning to think that i have kept her at home for no reason
my older children had chickenpox when they were small and they both had loads of spots
what does everyone else think?

love leighxxx


  • hi ya my son had chicken pox and so has my friends sons. one got spots everywhere inside his mouth etc and his brother only had one or two spots so i think it can differ alot. I think i kept rhys at home until all the spots had scabbed over as i was told that the incubation period is between two weeks although a worker at his playschool said it could be 21 days so i was never sure. xx
  • thats how my little ones were the eldest had it really bad but my daughter who was 7 months at the time didnt have too many and when i was a nanny the kids i nannied for only had 3 spots between them
  • thanks girls what makes it even harder is that she has molluscium contagium so she has those spots as well and they look similar, i will be taking her back to the gp on friday anyway as she is coughing like a tb ward!
    how long do you think it will take her brother to catch it if it is chickenpox?

    love leighxxx
  • Both my children had chicken poxs last year, my daughter who was 4 had no more than about a dozen spots and was fine, no fever, no scratching nothing then my son who was only 11 months caught it from her about 3 weeks later and was covered from head to toe in spots, had a bad fever and was trying to scratch himself none stop.
    So i think if your son is to get it, it is normally between 2-4 weeks after the first one, but you never know he may not get it this time round, my brother wanted his little girl to get it over with, so she played with both my children whilst they had it and never got it.
  • thanks everybody im just getting real fed up and poor ruby is bored silly. we are going back to the gp about the cough (ongoing problem since winter very long) so they can look at her spots again i will prob get told they are flea bites from the cat lol

    love leighxxx
  • hi chick, when my brood had chicken pox i had one with a case so bas he ended up with septaceamia, one that was lots of spots but nothing else and one with about 4 spots so it really does depend on the child, robert my one who was really ill has a lousy immune system and gets everything. hope she is ok.....anita xx
  • thanks anita how are you not seen you on for ages when did you have baby?

    love leighxxx
  • had him on monday 7th may, he is fantastic very quiet i really don't know i've got him most the time, how are your lot and how's em and lucie now? ..........anita xx
  • my lot are still mad and im still working on baby no5, em and lucie are good, lucie is sooo cute i feel like an old hen clucking away! what did your little man weigh and what did you call him?
  • Kieran Owen and he was 8lb 10oz, he is incredibly cute not that i'm biased or anything, getting annoyed with the site coz i want ti put a pic up and show him off and it won't let me.....anita xx
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