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davina dvd

Anyone watching paul o grady davinas pregnancy workout dvd has just been on anyone got it whats it like? any goo?


  • I did davinas first dvd and loved it - then got a bit slack and didnt do any exercise for months. I bought this a couple of months ago, tried it and gave up - was wayyyyyy too hard with a bump in the way. I think if I had started it sooner then I would have stuck to it, I fully intend on doing the postnatal routine but as for the prenatal one, forget it.
  • Hiya i just ordered it online at was only 12.49 which seems to be the cheapest around. It was delivered the next day (about a week ago) however i havent even managed to take it out of the plastic... let alone actually do the exercises! It looks good... i'll let you know when i've tried it! x x x
  • Thank ladies Davina was looking fit in her skinny jeans bitch let me know how you do if you decide to use it x x x
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